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  1. What a Wonderful Thought on modern education.
    Ofcourse there are some educational institutions which function as per the above injunctions of Maha Periyavaa.
    Most of the schools run by the Sri Ramakrishna Math and Sri Saradha Math function on this model only.

    The Sai-Schools (run by the Sri Satya Sai Central Trust) at Whitefield and Puttaparthi, are a standing example of this type of Gurukula Education.
    All these schools and colleges are residential type only.
    Especially at Whitefield, one teacher stays in each of the hostel room and as a result interaction between the teacher and student is much more close.
    Vedic Prayers and Service to the Poor are integral part of the syllabus which is value-based and hence called ‘Educare’.
    Last but not the least, education is free in all Sai-Schools and Sai-Colleges.

    We pray to Maha Periyavaa that he Blesses so that more such Schools and Colleges crop up to spread Value-based education to the future generation.

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