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  1. Thanks Mahesh, Can you also say how to follow this Vratham including breaking the fast for Dwadasi. How should we break the fast – time etc…

    • Ram Ram Sir, Breaking of fast called Dwadasi Paranai has to happen before the Dwadasi Thithi ends. You can check the Panchangam and break the fast based on the timing (depending on where you live as this is calculated based on sun rise). I have been using this online panchangam for the past few years. http://www.mypanchang.com/.

      If the Dwadasi Thithi is ending soon earlier in the day and if you did not prepare food, Thulasi Theertham offered to Bhagawan and consuming it before Dwadasi is as good as breaking the fast as well. We also need to include Nellikai (Amla/Gooseberry) and Sundaikai in Dwadasi Paranai. Hope this helps! Ram Ram

    • you can add agathi keerai to your menu along with gooseberry i.e. nellikai pachadi or more nellikai morekuzhambu for the dvadasi paranai. Fasting should strictly speaking start the previous day night of ekadasi i.e. after sun set on dasami – you have a range of fasting options from nirjalam to pazham or even non rice preparations as per Periyavaa’s menu in another location in the blogspot. You can slowly ramp up your fasting capacity as per your convenience. But one important point to note is the convenience of home ministry to prepare a full meal at the crack of dawn on dvadasi !


  2. Hi Mahesh,Namaskaram ! while its important to follow Vratham – can you share the significance behind this specific day to emphasize the importance behind it .

  3. Thank You Mahesh for highlighting the Ekadasi-Mahimai.
    Thanks to the frequent reminders on your blog, me and my wife have sincerely started the Ekadasi Vratham now.
    Maha Periyavaa Saranam.

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