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  1. Previously education meant transferring knowledge to an earnest student for widening his understanding of the world. As Mahaperiava has righty pointed our education was not meant for earning a livelihood: but once a person is educated in the real sense, his needs will be automatically looked after by the Vidya one has learned. Now education has been made a business to earn money by the well to do people with correct connections. Fifty years back no college or institution ever advertised for students. Even Englishmen when they ruled,never compelled people to have English education but cajoled by offering primary employment to those who have passed SSLC. There were no high fees in those times.
    We do not know how this present mania for education to earn a living, that too beyond one’s needs, is going to be offset by a desire to learn and to be helpful to other people because of the knowledge gained.
    Only Maha Periyava’s grace can do some wonder.

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