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  1. Namaskaram and Dhanyavadah to one and all for all the spiritual courage and praarthanas.
    Swaamiye Sharanam!

  2. Let Mahaperiava’s shower His love and blessings on all of us as we all pass through a worst period .Not a day passes when aged people suffer untold hardship neglected by sons adn daughters and relatives. Children get orphaned at a tender age Let all learned vedic scholars be blessed let there be good rains .:
    Let cows get protection.

  3. Shri. Maha Periyava”s blessings are unimaginable and absolutely divine, as, after the dharshan that we had recenly in Kanchi Mut, we were blessed to go to Madurai, had darshan of Lordess Meenaskhi, Shri. Chokknathar, Shri. Kudal Azhagar, and Thiruparankundram. More recently we were blessed with darshans of Karpaga Vinakar of Pillayar Patti and Sowmiyanarayana Perumal, of Thirukoshtiyur. All are due to blessing of Shri. Maha Periyava. His blessings are always with us.

  4. Sri Mahaperiyavaa is directly speaking to me!
    Passing through an unimaginable change in life that I just wish everything would end.
    Praarthana,Bhakti and Vishvaasam are the only things that are keeping me from sinking!
    My heartfelt Praarthana for His Kripa and Anugraham!
    Anaayasena sayujjyam,vinadainyena jeevanam,
    Dehime kripayaa Shambho,Bhaktim tvayee achanchalam,
    Dehime kripayaa Shambho,Raksha Raksha Mahesvara!

  5. Hara Hara Shankara
    Jaya Jaya Shankara !

  6. I am undergoing such a crisis in my life now that running a normal life is also become very hard. My morale is down but only the faith that on God and seeing Mahaperiva’s feet daily only kept me moving. What a quote he delivers so timely for me. ………… Charanam Sharanam.

    • Trust in Shri. Mahaperiyaval always, He will always be with you., He and His grace will certainly help you., just wait and see.

    • Balaji I will pray for you as well as other tormented souls.

      But remember few things – everything passes, learn to accept situations and most importantly the grace of Mahaperiyava.

      Regards from your Bratha

      • Dhanyavadham to Sridharan and Subramanian Garu for their mental support! I never lost and will never loose my faith on God and Maha Periva. Somehow I spelled out uncontrollably after seeing the quote of Maha Periva. I’m today because of their THEIR blessings and good souls of few like you people! Hara Hara Shankara ……Jaya Jaya Shankara……

  7. Sadhasiva

    Sri Periyava saranam

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