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  1. Well received. Thank you. Kind regards Visweswaran

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  2. Dear Madam

    When I opened today’s thought, I was opening with lot of expectations on what Periyava has said for Today through you, on this day where Sri. Kalam Sir Mortals has to be laid to rest at Rameswaram (Samadhi), the Punya Place – how many of us get this – Born there, rest there…

    I got the answer – Punya Purusha… Yes, he is ‘Dharmaputra’, when he vacated Rashtrabathy Bahavan, he vacated only with 2 suit cases… In His Presential times, even a Cobler was respected – one such noble person was a President Guest at Rashtrabhathi Bhavan when He was in KERALA… Even before His last speech, He thanked the Soldier in person who escorted HIM.

    Let us light Mokasha Deepam for HIM at homes and Temples… May His Soul Merge with DIVINITY!!!

    OM Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthihi

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