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  1. Very very true!
    All our Arts -Music,Painting,Drama,Poetry,Literature,Language were ALL SACRED and fundamentally based on helping the Dharmic Ascent of Man!
    If not then they did not qualify to be called Art!
    There were specific parameters defined clearly in detail by Sage Bharat in his Natya Shashtra as to what could be included within the ‘fold of such Dharmic Arts’!
    The Buddhi and Manas as well as the Shariram were instruments for cultivation of Adhyaatmam.
    The Panchendriyas and Gyaanendriyas being vulnerable to external ‘stimulation’ were expressly trained from every aspect to rise upwards and only aim at attaining Moksham-Nirvanam!
    Nothing banal was permitted and Shuddhi in every sense of the word had to be attained.
    There has to be a Spiritual awakening in Bharatavarsham for the revival of our Sacred Arts!!!!!

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