Divine Thoughts – 284

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  1. I am yet to read Deivathin Kural, but due to His grace I have already started to follow Shri Maha Periyava., and tasted his Karunai most recently. When my mother was critically ill, recently, we were baffled and was not in a position to do anything, but to save my ailing mother. We prayed to Shri. Maha Periyava, and due to his grace and blessings my mother was saved and she is with us now due to His grace only. My prayers are that our mother should be with us till my brothers two younger daughters gets married, to bless them and to bless my grandson on his Upanayanam. Hope, Shri. Maha Periyava will certainly bless us, and this will certainly happen. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  2. Mahaperiyava is very much with us. Our life has got a new meaning after listening to his devotees, reading VOICE OF GOD. He is our concience keeper.

  3. The GRACE OF SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA is limitless. My elder brother S. Natarajan, Nestle (Retd), Delhi had gone to Sri Mutt, Kanch dring 2013i. In a hurry, he forgot buy flowers or Vilvam. While, doing pradhakshinam, he suddenly remembered and regretted his folly. Suddenly a mami from behind gave a bamboo plate with flowers. She asked my brother to submit them at the Adhishtanam. My brother took it and gave it to a priest at the Adhishtanam. He turned to thank that lady. She was not be seen again in spite of my brother’s efforts to see her around. Undoubtedly, it was SRI SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA’s PERSONAL GRACE.

    We had a tough time in getting a suitable alliance for my 1st daughter. I started visiting Kanchi on every ANUSHA NAKSHATRAM. We got a suitable alliance. The boy and his people are simple and good. Engagement took place on an ANUSHA NAKSHATRAM. On that evening, my daughter, while returning from the boy’s house was worried whether it is a proper alliance. The same moment we spotted SRI SRI SRI MAHAVAPERIVA’s pallaku urvalam. It was like HIS assuring from pallakku.to all of us “WHY WORRY…WHEN I AM THERE”

    Without making any special efforts for a suitable Muhurtham, the marriage was performed on a Vaikashi ANUSHAM.

    The boy and his family are simple and good people. Now, the couple has a girl baby, who was born on an AADI POORAM, the star of AMBAL.

    Now, I am ardent devotee of SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA. I have started slowly following His preaching from DEIVATHIN KURAL.


  4. please send us the details of experiences of Mahaperiyava due to the Grace the devotees enjoyed before his Sidhi as well as after his sidhi.

  5. Cinemas and Tele serials capture the attention of the larger society, in view of the advent of the electronic media. The events described therein hardly create any good in the minds of the society, rather convince the society that the wrong doing is a necessary evil, which could not be overcome. Then we blame the time to Kali Yuga and seek comfort over it. Newspapers are equally useless one diverting our minds from divine propensities and consciousness. And the next generation is strongly founded in internet opening up to all wrong possibilities of the world. Mahaswami would have come down heavily on us, on the usage of internet to wrong options.


  7. jaya jaya swamin jaya jaya

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