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  1. Namaskaram to all readers!We are talking about Panchakacham and Madisaar sarees.Who cares!Till about 20 years ago our women wore our indigenous clothes – sarees etc.
    But today there is a sea-change.
    I am so depressed to see Hindu women,both young and old,abstaining to wear the 5-yard sarees,putting the Pottu and even wearing the Mangalasutra.
    These days people do not even say NAMASTE with folded-hands but it is Hullo and Hiiiiiiiiieeeeee!
    We do need a SRI ADI SANKARA!!!!!
    There is something terrible in our society especially the English educated elite.

  2. Let the prayer of Shri Krishnaswami for descendant of a person like Adhi Shankara come true soon.

    Till then, as an individual, every Brahmin male should take a vow to wear, at least in the house, only WHITE dhoties (and at least during trikala sandhyavandhanam, pancha kachcham-by married male folks) and implement it with immediate effect. I purposely do not mention what should not be worn. We can feel the change gradually and certainly with Maha Periyava’s anugraham and blessings.

    As a first step all the followers of this blog, I hope will agree to the above.

    Regarding Kanyas (girls yet to be married) and suvasinis (married ladies) any of my respected sisters who are following this blog may like to give implementable suggestions.


  3. Our Hindu custom was wearing Dhoties with Kacham,irrespective of the caste and that was the all India uniform dress even upto 1960’s, when we were under the rule of British. In All states, dhoties were worn not merely by brahmins but by almost all Hindus throughout India except Kerala and Tamilnadu, where 4hand length or 6′ dhoti was also worn. All married brahmin ladies used to wear 9 yard sarees only.Except the old timers, no lady wants to were a 9 yards saree these days..
    Dr. Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliar, Dr. Ramaswamy Mudaliar, Mr. G.D. Naidu all used to wear dhoti with kacham. Even barbers and street workers other than in Kerala and Tamilnadu used to wear dhoti with kacham only throughout all the states in India.

    In Karnataka, Andhra and all other states, dhoti was the norm.Then Indians were permitted to attend offices with Doti and their tilak in their face at all offices even in English companies like Lever Brothers,Shaw wallace, British tobacco etc.

    After freedom, we have become slaves to western dress , practices and attitudes to life. I think a person like Adi Shankara has to descend to change all this.

  4. When I was having ‘sika’ on head and ear studs in my earlier age (in 70s), people around me and my school friends made a lot of fun on this. I was so small and felt shy on these activities and removed.then. Not even my elders insisted me to keep continuing with those (in fact few of them did not follow these even, this is how the declination started). Today, as grown, feel proud say ‘I am a Hindu’. I am in process of regrowth of my lost sika and would wear ear studs soon (in both ears, nor for style now a days youngsters wear at one side). Proud to be a Hindu and proud to be born as Brahmin and would continue to do all possible my rituals and customs boldly and recommend my fellow Brahmin people to do so.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  5. Hindu females appearing in most of television shows don’t wear Tilak and the young girls watching these shows think that this is the norm & avoid it too.
    Periyava’s preaching are to be reached to all common Hindus.

  6. Very very true!
    People follow everything secular but when it comes to Sanatana Dharma the followers verily shy away from such very important and significant symbolism.
    It is real pity that people in general ‘run after shadows and leave the substance behind!
    May we all pray to SRI BHAGAVAAN for Sanmati and Sadbuddhi!

  7. Dear Madam

    Discipline and its importance… Let Upadesam by Sri Periyava gets deeper into our minds…. Praying for His Grace be showered to follow at-least as simple like the one here.

    Atleast people be Blessed to follow this dress code and ethics when they visit Sri Mutt…

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara
    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

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