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  1. Sir,
    Please permit me to give my experience about Paramacharyal,
    In 1958, Periava camped at Sunderbaugh at Rameswara street ,T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017.
    After pooja Sri Periava was giving theertha prasadam to all.
    I was one of self designated volunteer, I was arranging the Que, sganding before Periava. One Mami came
    toreceive the prasadam. Periava asked her to stand aside and did not give theertham. After 1/2an hour another mami came – she was last in the que.
    Periava did not offer prasadam. But He asked the 2nd mami “give that to her ” – No body knew what had happened
    The second mami wept- please forgive my aparadham.. She gave the Gold thirmangalya chain along with
    the thirumangalyam to the 1st mami.
    The first mami never knew that the gold chain with thali was missing. She wore the thali in the presence of Mahaperiava and wept and did Namaskaram.Periyava . He gave theertham did not give theertham.
    The 2nd mami silently left the place, with out receiving the theertam.
    There was not any commotion. No police was called. and no body knew what had happened except Periyava and me. But not even other volunteers since they were away.
    Is it not a wounder or what to say – but to be woundering.
    19th July , 2015.
    my mail id: indira_radhakrishnan@yahoo.com
    I have many more things to share with you all.
    Please log on to : Experiences of Dr,Subramanya Swami’s experiences with Mahaperiyava of Kanchi.

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