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  1. I remember a few decades ago 2 boys( forgot names) from Mambalam working in a bank went for Periava’s dharsan. HH asked them “will you do me a favour?” and told them to collect vegetable peals of a week in their neighbourhood every saturday,go to Kancheepuram and feed a particular cow in Upanishad Brahmendra Matam in Kanchi and report to him. A hotelier standing nearby offered to do it daily but HH insisted that those boys only should do it. They continued for several weeks and one Sunday when they met HH after doing this He asked them to stop.
    At that time an interview with the boys was published in a weekly, probably Ananda Vikatan. You may perhaps get this write up from the journal if anyone can find out.
    S Nagarajan

  2. In my young days I have seen tubs in front of some houses where water will be filled for cows and even birds to quench their thirst. It is very regrettable such good practice has vanished . It is definitely a very good idea to collect wastage from vegetable and fruits to feed cows. But we should get volunteers to do this noblejob Once it takes root it IT will enthuse people to collect wastage vegetable and infuse in their mind that they are going to feed a cow and naturally good thoughts will flow. May our Paramacharya bless this endeavour.

  3. What a love and compassion! My humble pranams to our Mahaaa… Peraiyava.
    – Nageswaran

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