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  1. Very very true!
    We have the greatest of principles but do not follow anything seriously and sincerely.
    There are many reasons and excuses we can put forward but we cannot condone this type of lack of empathy for our Gau Maata as well all the other animal species that are part and parcel of EESVARA SRISHTHI!
    We have to remember that MOOKA PRAANIS have to be cared for or we will have to pay for our ADHAARMIC actions!

  2. how very correct we must be alert

  3. Terrific Sri Raisela Ramanan, Namaskaram.

  4. Dear Mam, normally we give good food ‘kadalai punnakku’ for calf to put weight & ‘Pushti’ and ‘Ellu Punnakku’ for milking cows… ‘Ellu Punnakku’ increases milking and reduces putting weight…

    I am blessed by Sri Periayava’s grace to see the delivery of my ‘Kalyani’ and she breathed her last by after keeping her head on my lap… She adorns our Kitchen majextically even todayy..

    It is because of Sri Periyava and Sri Ramana’s Grace, I am always pulled into Gho Sala wherever I go and find them….

    Thank you for this thought mam… This upadesam went deep into my body & mind


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