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  1. Dear Madam

    Your thoughts on Gomatha is moving, reflects back my olden days of child and adulthood of cow rearing at the back yard of our house in Pudukottai… Each cow and calf were given a name and addressed by that. Kalyani is one whose delivery from her mother I had personally attended, reared her… I remember bathing all of them on Tuesday & Wednesday… Kalyani was kept till her last, though we all moved to city for lively hood of job… During her last days, when we were informed I went with my father to our house and after 2 days of stay with her, I set for coming back and my father said I will take care. When said to Kalyani with tears in my eyes, ‘Kalyani I am returning back to house (not home) pl. take care of all of us and let peace be yours and do not struggle.. She lifted her head and placed on my thighs with tears rolling from hers , mine and my father”

    Longing for olden days to live with Gomathas at their Cowsheds in back yard.

    AT His abode in Sri Ramanshram, I spend time in Cowshed, this year (2015) mattu pongal, Bangawan graced me to serve in Cow Shed.. Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayh

    Jaya Jaya Shankara

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