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  1. It is a divinely experience with the Kanchi Mutt Ghoshal at Madley Road, West Mambalam. It is an island of peace and tranquility amidst bursting traffic. Rs.10 is the cost of one bundle of Agathikeerai, not Rs.100/- which must be a typographical error.

    In Bengaluru near Mahadevapura-Garudacharpalya, there is a very big Ghoshal of 950 cows and calves at a very vast area. Here cows are not tied to any poles or hooks. They are let out freely in the open ground, but duly fenced across the visitors. Inside rows of sheds are constructed to enable cows to go there in the event of rains. There is a separate shed for calves. Yet another shed for old and disabled cows. There is a crematorium for dead cows in the same campus. There is a veterinary doctor housed inside to attend cows 24×7. There are quarters inside for the cow attendants to keep the area clean and feed the cows. There is a store room of medicines. A yard is there for haystack. This place is also surrounded by a busy traffic. The Ghoshal was established by a Rajasthani Marwadi philanthropist and now maintained by Rajasthani businessmen of Bengaluru. They don’t ask for public donation, but don’t decline it if someone comes forward to offer donations with their official receipt.

    There is a weblink below: http://sreenarayanalokam.com/goshala_bangalore.html where photos are uploaded. I request Sage of Kanchi’s website to create provision to upload photos please.

  2. Blessed Thought Madam. Yesterday I was in Kanchi Mutt Go Sala at Mambalam Chennai. For those in Chennai and visiting Chennai, Blessed opportunity is to feed ‘Agathikeerai’ For 100 Rs one gets big bundle of greens from the people who maintains the cows. Small money but helpful to them instead of purchasing from outside… High happiness for us.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara

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