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  1. Réal éducation is being neglected as there are so many distractions today beginning with television,computers and mobile telephone connectivity.
    The media newspapers only dish out the lowest type of news that titillate the mind and hearts of young people.

    It is the responsibility of elders to set an example by way of ‘aachaaram,aahaaram,vakyashuddhi,Shravanam of good music,kind and compassionate behavior with elders and everyone within the home and outside.
    Once the Mind takes to right thinking then right conduct will automatically follow.
    And the Sri Bhagavad Geeta as well other Dharma Granthams that lead the Manam and Buddhi on the right track.
    Over and above Satsangam is a very important aspect that will hone the character of young children,youth and also adults and elders.
    Once the young person is on track then there is nothing to worry for the Sattvic character has already been awakened.
    Moderation in everything is the key answer.
    Namaskaram and Dhanyavaadam!

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