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  1. Yes,very correctly expressed.
    We also set examples beginning within the home ( as we were raised ) just watching our grandparents and parents and even neighbours.
    But those were different times when we lived ‘together’ sharing and caring for each other.
    These days we are following the ‘western’ pattern of vacationing.
    For us going to sacred places was important but now with ‘secular’ education things have taken a different turn.
    Money has greatly changed the mentality of people.
    Fortunately there are many many people who are imparting wisdom and ethics which is a must for the people within fold of our Sanatana Dharma.
    On Namah Shivaya!

  2. Dear Madam

    This makes me recollect the advise by Sri Sri Bala Periyava after Morning Vishwaroopa Darshan, where He choose to take us with Him and provided lots of Directions… “Elders Should Take Yongsters to Different Relegious Places, In Every Training Programs include a Session on Values… ”

    We are delivering by His Grace not even at the level of squirrel, but at the level of ánts’

    In my current research on ‘Poor Employability’ of Graduates, one of the research finding is ‘Values &Ethics’… Which is coming out after damages are caused and after hard work of identification thro data… But Sri Sri Periyava has said it long time back…

    2nd June is nearing, let us take an oath… let all the elders teach atleast one youngster on ‘Values, Ethics, God’ through leading by example around our places in a smallest way…

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankar

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah!!

  3. Absolutely correct.
    We need to awaken our children to Dharmic living.
    Education is about sculpting nobility in character not just money earning robots.

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