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  1. Please do not loose the indirect message that is embedded for all of us as well – modern science and revolutionary ideas are twin evils that make us loose touch with spirituality. As use my tab to send this message you may all think I am practising duplicity but that is the dichotomy. Only yesterday I read Sivan Sirs YPM about how fantastic brains have been unleashed in this Kaliyuga to stymie the human race.

    In this context, I cannot but wonder to see the subtle difference between the two – periyava and Sivan sir – while periyava gives medicine in tolerable media – like sugar coated pills or more appropriately honey mixed churnam, Sivan sir goes about with a Jack hammer ripping apart our mara mandai to examine whether we have any ounce of buddhi! May be we can compare Periyava to Amma of the bygone era and Sivan Sir to the harsh and stenetorian Appa again of the yester era 🙂

    I will quote YPM on science tomorrow if time permits.
    N Subra

  2. Of course, the present Central Government have the will to do it, but the “secularists” will raise a hue and cry and thwart any such good initiatives. It is a road…….. very long way to go.

  3. The last few messages are on our country’s secularism policies & I find Periyava’s advise is the most significant for our political parties.

    • what our Indian govt. is following is minortiy appeasement at the cost of majority Hindu
      will the present govt. pay heed to the advise of Mahaperiva .

  4. Awesome thought….. our deaf indian govts will never hear this

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