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  1. Sri Balaji –

    I agree with your thought on learn it and pass it on to next generation…

    Some of us never questioned elders to know why? as we totally trust & believe in them… Is there any child ask its mother or father why are you taking it to this Doctor not to specialist or why this medicine, when given through “Paladai”.

    Smt Bhavana Madam,
    This post, first line exactly matches with “Hunger is the Disease”, the thought of Bagawan Sri Ramana… There are many guiding principles of Sri Sri Maha Periyava, which many of us shall adopt after reading His thought.

    Kindly request you continue posting as your thoughts posted in Sages of Kanchi answers many questions and provides direction to life.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

    Om Namo Bagawthe Sri Ramanyah

  2. I wonder and feel pity about present generation food habits which is quite opposite to what HH Mahaperiva said. With the present trend, they bring less life span, should be understood. What they think is that our elders’ habits are useless and meaningless, hence they don’t follow. In one way they are correct, because our last 2-3 generations failed to explain as to why we should follow ceremonies, rituals, etc. The matter of fact, so many of us follow either blindly or by force, is the hard fact. Regular touch with eminent Vedic scholars, knowledgeable elders, Information sharing blogs (one fantastic blog like this), lets learn and pass it on to next generation with due meaning and importance carefully learned.

    Would any of this blog readers agree my points?

    Sarvam krushnaarpanam!

    • There has been steady move away from the established order of varnasrama dharma since the time the British landed in this country. what the Muslims could not do the christians did and now we have all moved away from age old customs and habit and sastras. When we don’t read sastras in a formal way, where is the question of understanding the basis of any habit or custom? On top of it we have moved away from the life in a village to the hectic city life? Any knowledge unless it is formally imparted will be lost in a few generations.
      I am afraid science will by trial and error arrive ( along with concomitant injury to the moral and spiritual fibre of the human race) at several hypothesis that the Rishis of the yore left us by their extraordinary superhuman perceptions – One example being the subject matter of periodic fasting and eating moderate amounts at other time.

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