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  1. ‘Tulsi’-holy basil is a good plant. Worshipping Tulsi as God and performing Halad -Kumkum Pooja for Tulsi, especially for tommorrow will be Gudi Padwa – celebration of NEW YEAR for all Marathis ,in and around Maharashtra.- SARITA.,NEW MUMBAI.

  2. We may grow grass in pots in balconies of apts. in addition to flowering plants or doing away with

  3. Dear Madam

    Namaskarams… Few of His Upadesams many of us follow, like in this Upadesam, I remember assiting the birth of ‘Kalyani’ a calf born at our home, rearing it till its end, even she sits in the Frame majestically in our kitchen,, It was possible till we migrated to CITY….

    Feeling guilty, many simple upadesams we are not able to follow / practise… ‘COFFEE’ is one amongst them… His Divine Grace should shower on us to follow His Upadesams in toto for liberation.


    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankar

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanaya

    • Dear Shri LRamanan sir pranams,
      Coffee addiction was one another thing that was I was able to give up by Sri Mahaswamy’s divine grace. I found an organic alternative which Taste’s close to coffee in ‘tulsi ginger tea’ from the brand ‘organic India’, you get some 25 tea bags for Rs.128, and powder some panam kalkandu (Rs.30 per 500 GMs) and stir them in hot water and drink it. This doesn’t use milk at all and its taste is similar to coffee and its helping to stay awake for longer time, tulsi being a divine plant and a leveller of all three doshas builds super resistivity for cold, cough and flu.
      Do give a try praying Sri Mahaswamy to help in this change of habit and let us know.

      Seeking the grace of Mahaperiyavaa,

      Thanks and regards,
      P. Vijay

      • thank you,vijay.I have noted down the recipe and will try.Good suggestion,sir

      • Dear Sri Vijay Sir,

        Namaskarams… I have seen your valuable inputs only today, my appologies…

        By His Grace, nothing as a substitute for Coffee, I am Blessed to leave coffee & also tea since last 2.5 months… No temptations ever occured & it is His Grace.

        Your article appeared in my eyes today and I will do this for goodness of Health. It is also His Grace that I should see this today – Pradosham

        Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

        Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayh

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