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  1. HH Mahan Mahaperiyava, the Nadamadum Deivam always gives simple ways to earn the Punya

  2. There used to be a patti giving butter milk to all those who visited the mutt. She had her dwelling near the entrance of the mutt where she also had the pot containing butter milk. This was about 35 to 40 years ago. I am sure many of you would remember the Patti that I am mentioning here.

  3. Thanks to the folks from Andanallur. it is a great inspiration:)


  4. My grand mother in 1930s,,,used to be sitting in the front portion of our house (THINNAI) chanting Ram Naam
    in our native village ANDANALLUR, (Jiyapuram) on the Southern banks of the River Cauvery. Farmers, Vegetable-Milk- Fruit sellers, beggars, who used to pass through the village…on seeing my grandmother sitting in the front of the house used
    to ask her to give water for drinking. There was no well in those days inside our house. All the people used to take bath regularly in Cauvery and each member would bring one pot of Cauvery Water which was used for drinking and cooking etc.
    My grand mother used to reserve one pot for giving to such people only. Sometimes the water in the house
    was not sufficient. My grand mother never says NO to anyone. Many a time , even cattle go”ing for grazing
    used to look at our grand mother, (calling Ammaaa ! ) asking for water. She used to bring the “Arisi ‘kazhu(vina) neer’ stored inside…and offer. She thought of a permanent solution to the problem. She went round the village collecting 2 annas, 4 annas, 8 annas etc. from the Philanthropic minded villagers ( I used Maha Periyva’s word !) in our village and went out to collect in adjoining villages also and arranged to dig a well in front of our house.
    A well appeared in the middle of the street…which quenched the thirst of all the needy. It was as tasty as the Cauvery Water. It was also useful to sprinkle water in the morning & evening in front of all the nearby houses. She thoughfully kept a bucket with rope to take out water from the well. A well was dug inside our house only in 1940s. With developements taking place in the village,, courtesy Village Panchayat……the well was replaced by a tap…with Cuavery water being brought through pumping.. Social workers existed in those days also without being called so….—–Andanallur Sundaram Vedanarayanan

  5. Dear Madam

    Namaskars… It is wonderful reminder as summer is picking-up in India… We were practising this in a small scale… Would pray for His Blessings to do it little bigger this year, as He directed this from inner…

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  6. I recall when I was in my earlier school days, during summer days entire streets were used to be covered with pandal and water in mud pot kept for distribution. I hardly see such scene anywhere.

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