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  1. blessings of Periava to Bhuvana. May He allow you to continue this wonderful service irrespective whether those who read follow or not but i am sure they will at least try to follow!!!

  2. Problem arises only when man and woman are imagined as two different beings. In fact they are ONE divided into two bodies and a soul! This has been manifested right before us by the Siva-Sakti tatvam of Sri Parameshwara Himself. That is why, perhaps, as far as I know, no separate route has been prescribed for a woman to attain mukti. It is entwined, it is enjoined with that of her husband. Her job is to help her husband to fulfill his earthly obligations and in the process burn-up their sanchita-karma together while trying not to add to their karmic baggage through vardhamaan karma.

  3. God’s Views are beyond debate and contemplation of human brain of immortals like us…

    As periyava rightly said as always, ‘reformist claims…’

    jaya Jaya Shankara

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