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  1. Shri. Ramamurthy Venkateswaran – Sorry. The slides have already been created. We will not be able to change them now.

    • Hare Krishna. Smt. Bhuvana Mahesh: Thanks for the courtesy of the reply. Might be as and when the new slides are created, this could be incorporated, otherwise no issue at all. I thank you profusely for disseminating the great Acharya’s discourses, which are most inspiriing. May the Lord and the Acharya continue to shower Their grace on you. Hare Krishna.

  2. Deivathin Kural is a treasure must be kept in everyone of our home, to be read every day atleast one page or one chapter. Solutions to all our day to day problems would fine a place in Maha Periava’s Deivathin kural. This is my experience and experiences of many of us.

  3. Arjuna’s 12 names as mentioned by Maha Periyava…. When I was a child..
    in the village Andanallur…..my grandmother had taught me these namalvali
    to utter whenever there was heavy and frightening thunder….She used to tell us
    if you utter these names….there will be ” no fear and no harm will be done. ”
    Thanks for reminding these..with meaning also .I used to remember the first few but not in full…but used to recite during thunder…whever I knew thinking of my

    Kamala & Vedanarayanan

  4. Hare Krishna! I am one of the several followers of Divine Thoughts of our Mahaperiava and they are most inspiring for the young minds. However, the message comes with a dark background and I am not able to read them easily, unless I take pains to decipher them. This may kindly be corrected so that people like me will benefit immensely. Hare Krishna!

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