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  1. wow! what a great reminder to mankind that OUR SOUL SHOULD NOT BE LOST AT ANY COST must remember this all our life

  2. Namaskarams

    With Prayers at Sri Sri Periyava’s Lotus feet, with a begging for retrival & PEACE…

    With Sri Mahesh’s post with picture “Chilli in Eyes”, brings pitting within ourself… many doings of today is “disturbing the Peace of others”, that helpless jeevan’s eye keep daunting in mind from yesterday, I am confident many eyes are welled-up and is in this thought… I only prayed to Him with tears for this post and begged for His Karuna, Shall send an incident on “How Sri Periyava Saved 100s of Thousnads of Cows in other Nation”

    Your service makes many think and act… Beg with prayers pl. continue this holy service, He will deliver everything….

    Jaya Jaya Shankara – Hara Hara Shankara

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