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  1. This too same, links are not working, please.

  2. Thank you Smt Bhuvana…

    For the benefit of those who might not be aware, a small step in the directions & Upadesams of Sri Sri Maha Periyava on this thought posted today… Many such things at various places can be formed…

    It imparts Modern & Vedic educations…


    Om Namo Bagawathe Sre Ramanayah

  3. How true… and how precise foreseeing about this present generation? It is fact that at least 2 two of our previous generations, definitely failed to continue this process of passing values of our culture and importance of practicing. If, at least now, not serious then it will be more tougher for next generation. Let’s knot the bell to the cat, instead of complaining generation next.

  4. I think you absolute should include Girls in this very important project, if India does not keep up this type of Guru to disciple, relational ship as in many other cultures, the true knowledge, will disappear or be changed!
    The Dalia Lama said the world will be saved by women of the west, not an exact quote. Better get some girls in there. Namaste Dorine

  5. it again shows MAHAPERIVA foresight of the GEN NEXT

  6. It is really great service to get us all know more and more of imbibing cultural values in our routine life. Thank a lot. Keep it up – Narayanan

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