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  1. The gems of words are the substance of the entire sadhana which can be easily understood by literate and illiterate. Pranams to Periya Smami.

  2. Simple way to attain mukthi/ liberation in this life itself if ONLY we can follow what Periaval has told us to do .
    Controlling fear,
    Listening to good men and follow them
    thinking good by Mano. VAK Kayam. Etc
    Meditating upon goodness and the source of goodness
    Brings Liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
    How many of us can do all these? And get liberation?
    Yes! With Mahaswamigal’s ‘blessings ,at least a few of the devotees (mostly single digit) !! Can
    Get liberation.
    Thanks madam!
    for the wonderful solution for Liberation!
    Path is difficult to tread but sure to get us to the destination

  3. yes what MAHA PERIYAVA told is the sign OF A JEEVAN MUKTAH lovely

  4. In the previous comment i meant “Deivathin Kural “and not “Deviation Kural”. I am sorry for the error. Muraliji.

  5. Om Namah Shivaya.I hope the thoughts expressed are that of Mahaa Periavaa taken from Deviation Kural or Upanyaasangal. If that is so Ms.Bhuvana Makes has done a commendable job. The thought expressed in this message is attainable only by the Grace of Mahaa Periavaa.Lots of Love.Muraliji.

  6. It is very true. But most of us are unable to control the mind. We need to meditate and by diverting our mind into divine path should control our mind & thoughts.

  7. Divine Thoughts-You are very well doing,Smt.Bhuvana Mahesh

    The short notes go well for this age

    Kindly keep going down-It is a fathomless ocean

    Thank you Bhuvana

  8. Periyava only can give strength to become like this… Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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