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  1. India is emasculated and effeminised in the comity of nations, mainly because we have neglected Sanskrit, the pride of this country and the Soul of our Vedic Culture.Today we live like aliens in our own land not recognizing the great contributions of our own ancestors.We are deaf, dumb and blind! No country in world have disrespected their ancestors as we have been doing, baring a microscopic minority.What a shame it is!
    Advanced countries find merits in sanskrit and learn it while in our educational system on frivolous grounds we treat it as untouchable.India will rise and lead the world towards science, arts and Wisdom only when it respects and learn Sanskrit, the kamadhenu of other languages. At least some of us must to this great voice of Wisdom.

  2. Absolutely true and I would sincerely commence this asap. Thanks Mahaperiva….. for instigating this in me.

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