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  1. lel’s pray for a PEACEFUL WORLD as perceived BY MAHA PERIYAVA

  2. Dear Smt Bhuvana

    Thank you… Wonderful flow and continuity on the thoughts… I believe it is His Grace through your mind… Wish & Pray this post runs for ‘Laksharchana’with ‘Kodi Thoughts’

    Guru’s Blessings in abundance be showered on you & family…

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

    • BRAHMINS SHOULD REVERT TO THE LIFE RISHIS (as far as possible) – Great Upadesam by Mahaperiyava

      • Mahaswami time and again emphasised this upadesham (without any dilution), it will be an himalayan achievement, if it happens soon, and it will be for the good of humanity.

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