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  1. great msg.ohm sri gurubhyo namaha

  2. How beautifully our Guru Mahaa Periavaa has laid down the principle that Love and Devotion alone can do the miracle of bringing out change in the environment. I am touched by His golden words. Every youngster should read this and contribute towards uplifting of the society and the environment. Love. Muraliji

  3. what a lovely divine thought –there is no place for
    god to reside if we nourish the shat[6] vairis within our heart may be that’s why some of our prayers are not being heard though we do sahasra laksharchana am I right?srimati Bhuvana Mahesh ji

  4. Dear Madam, Kindly send Divine thoughts to rgntrivedi@gmail.com as I have closed the facebook account related to vgntrivedi@gmail.com. Only the first letter changes.. that new mail is registered with sage of kanchi. Regards V.G.Trivedi

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