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  1. Sorry..We do not have a Tamil version of these quotes.

  2. I also repeat the request of Ramesh p e. Shri Shri Maha Periyavaa’s “thoughts” originally must have been in Tamil only. Hence an effort to quote the “original thought” in tamil also will not be a bad idea.
    Regards. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  3. The fundamental reason of human life is to attain true happiness irrespective of the circumstances that envelope us in the material world and our religion charters several paths to attain that perfection. This Bharatha varsha was holding aloft this lamp of eternal truth for several millennia but the flame was progressively extinguished first by the islamic invaders and then to a larger extent by the Europeans and on this dying flame of divinity our own founders of the nation threw all their collective lung power in the form of secular education to reduce it to a dying ember – it was our poorva karma phalam that gave us one of the last true source of sustenance of this divine flame – our Karunamoorthy Periyavaa – hey mahaprabho if you had not chosen asceticism at a tender age of 13 we all would have reached the end of Kali yuga by now.

    The last inflection point on the progressive reduction of this flame of divinity roughly coincided with Periyava attaining Siddhi which was liberalisation in India. This move has loaded us with lots of material possessions including things like the internet, tablet, laptop, more mobility to other countries etc etc and has befuddled us completely. Even non practsing Brahmins ( ” brahmana bandhus ” in the word of our Acharya) have lost some of their unique traits and now accumulation of wealth and other forms of enjoyment is the only reason for existence!

    N Subramanian

    • Well said Sri N Subramanian! Kudos!

      The problem of diminishing values and culture of ours, is not just because too much of indulging material world aspects but also giving up ancient rituals and basic brahmanical duties like practicing sandhaya vandanam 3 times (at least once), performing shratham for heaven reached elders, etc. These practices would channelize and centralize the thought process towards continual performance and passing the same to next generation. At lease 2-3 or our previous generations, had lost this track and so we are now at this stage. Hope now on, at least would take over the the lost legacy of this great nation called Bharata Varsha.

      May Periva’s ashirvaadam be with us as always for our continual improvement.

      Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!

      • Just like a theorem has a rider, material indulgence automatically leads to the abandonment of veda dharmam. My humble observation is that performance of the veda karmas expected out of us gives no time for any other thought and that leads to chitta suddhi which is a sine-qua-non for human evolution. Just the list makes us go into a tizzy prartha snanam, sandhi, aupasanam, devatha pooja, madhyanhina snanam, madhyanhinam, bojanam, purana padanam, sayam snanam, sandhi, alaya darsanam, alpharam, nithirai…and again back with variations like amanvasya tharpanam, srardham if applicable!

        Thanks for the words of encouragement.

        N Subramanian

  4. Where there is devotion coupled with love for God, the conduct of the person becomes good by itself.Separate effort is not needed for this.First is devotion and it is followed by good conduct.Periavaa always says things so perfectly in simple ways one should not find it difficult to comply with his directions.Lots of love and pranams.today to Mahaa Periavaa. Muraliji.

  5. How true.
    We are reaping the results of of our fore-fathers; decision to neglect Sri Maha Periyavals advice.

  6. Very important and thought churning message to all of us. We may do whatever profession in our life. But should not forget to pray god every day.

  7. A request, is it possible to give the tamil version of Sri Periyava Divine thoughts along with the English.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  8. தீர்க்க தரிசனமா பெரியவா அன்று சொன்னது இன்று நிஜமானது.

  9. Several years ago, Maha Periva said, sparing religion aside during independence struggle would make severe impact on people this country. That’s exactly we face today in our country! How true it is as Tamil proverb goes, “மூத்தோர் சொல் வார்த்தை அமிர்தம்”.

  10. Wonderful and. Timely

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