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  1. Very nicely said Shri. Muraliji and Shri. SS.

  2. Mahaa Periavaa has very beautifully broughtout the pitfalls of both anger and desire.Both are indeed negative.Worse is anger as it involves showing contempt of the person against whom it is directed.Desire does not involve others.Anger is more harmful,There is none better than Periavaa to bringout the distinction between the two so nicely.Lots of Love.Muraliji.

  3. Sir, The back ground shown on these thoughts are dark and with this background, I, an old man, am unable to read it properly. Can you help by choosing a lighter or no background? Thanks S.C.IYER 24 1 2015

    • Sorrow and anger are two forms of unrequited desire. If we think that those who are a hindrance to the gratification to our desire are inferior to us, we turn our anger against them, and if we think they are superior, all we do is grieve within ourselves. Anger is packed with more evil power than even desire.

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