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  1. I met Mahaa Periavaa way back in 1959 in Sanskrit college at Mylapore.He stayed there for a long period of time.My grand mother used to take me to the Mutt everyday and i used to see the Poona to Shri Chandramouleeswarar and Mother Tripurasundari. Once i was standing in the crowd and suddenly periavaa called me to see Him.I did not know what to do as i was a boy of just 9 I Waited when staff came to take me to Swami.He was standing on the big platform.I was asked to go to him.Eh looked at me with compassion which even now after a gap of 58 years i recollect.Then he asked me about myself which i said without much of detail.He blessed me so much still i remember my Periavaa.It brings tears in my eyes.Periavaa is still there.I got His Padhuka which protects me.Lots of Love.Muraliji.

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