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  1. Nice work Bhuvana. We are very happy that you are so diligently posting these quotes everyday.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Smt. Prema Surendren & Shri. Panchapakesan. Maha Periyavaa’s Blessings be always with us. Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Happy English year to you and family.
    You are putting lot of efforts in collecting , collating and presenting the Great Sage’s Upadesams in a lucid form for all to read. great work.
    Though my Darishanam was in 1944 in my village and on many occasions later on and have been blessed by His Holy Darshan did not realise His DIVINITY and saw Him as our/my Guru and spoke to Him like my Grandfather.
    A frequent visitor Mr Dimetrin,Prof. Of Indology from France, always following Mahaperiaval on an old bicycle with a stove and a small kitbag hanging on the handlebar, told me as well as any devotee visiting Swamiji,not once and in one place but on many occasions””Don’t you know HE is GOD”
    Fools we were that MAYA concealed a fact known to a Foreigner from our earthly eyes.A fact known to that Rumanian was hidden from our eyes for which I am crying and repenting daily.

    Sage of Kanchi interviews and your ” Divine thought” postings keep me going for which am indebted to you both. Once you complete 365 sayings of Swamigal,you may consider bringing out a Perennial daily calendar as are being done by Sri Ramakrishnashram ,Ramanashram and others.
    May The Sage of Kanchi give you both energy to keep going and bless you with all good things in life.

  4. Dear Bhuvana —highly enriching words of Maha periyava your photo carries mulla poov and u are spreading fragrance just like the flowers on ur hair

  5. Sarvam Krishnarpanam… Periyava Words gives strength and pwer to keep doing the work without attachments… Thanks for this post… Hve Blessed Days.


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