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  1. Let your Thoughts on Shri Shri Mahaperiyava continues and my sincere regards and namaskaram for this Century .

  2. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! to Bhuvana and Mahesh ji for having hit a century and thanks for the marvellous job all Maha periyava’s blessings keep it up the blessed couple

  3. Dear Mr. Mahesh. On this 100th Divine thought, it occurs to me that, like Deivathin Kural, you may arrange a compilation of all “Divine Thoughts” by Pujya Sri Maha Periyavaa. May Pujya Sri Maha Periyava shower His Anugraham.

    Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful Preachings of Maha Periyavaa in the form of Divine Thoughts.

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