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  1. tome – learnt a new word today…thank u

  2. Earlier days we can see in front us happening and to hear in front of us telling. However, now we can see & hear anywhere in the world. But, It is possible with an instruments called TV etc. Without that instrument, it is not possible. Here also, we use only two eys. But, Maha periyava Prameswarsan opens our Gynakkan (third eye) to see & hear inside our body (Athma darisanam & realistic). we are all blessed to have. Koti Namaskarams to Parameswarar. Servam Siva Mayam. Hara hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  3. Dear bhuvana Mahesh did not know this earlier now things are clear with regard to the Prasad made by us and offered to god

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