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  1. hello madam, thanks for the wonderful postings daily which I read with relish. This is indeed a silent dharma you are doing as many younger generation who have not met paramacharya in person would be immensely benefited by these messages / postings. Thanks sincerely,

  2. Dear Shri Mahesh, Namaskarams. We are extremely fortunate and blessed to hear so many things about Mahaperiyava. How does one send any pencil sketch of Periyava to the word press. I would like send one done by my nephew. Latha Murali

  3. ithu sathiyam deivame.

  4. This system approach by our Mahaswami is more revealing. Words are mere noise, so long as they are not fortified by aacharaas and anustaanaas.Intellectual enquiry must accompany, practical orientation. Such type of total approach can effectively bridge the gap between what we say and what we practice.

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