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  1. Paramacharya’s every Upadesha will hit the target to protect and save you only.

  2. This advise is timely and wonderful. When I started to learn at the age of 52, after shedding the full time employment, under the guidance of a Veda Pundit as a Teacher, I was worrying as my Teacher was a task master, without swaram…. By Sri Periyava’s Grace, Sri Rudram, Chamkam, Sri Prurushasuktham came very easily. Very recently when we performed Abhishek to Sri Viswanathar at Kasi, we performed with chanting Rudram. We Prayed for everyone and Bakthas of Sri Periyava. Mahesh and Smt Mahesh you were in our thoughts when we took the holy dip at Ganges for the wonderful service you are doing thro Sages of Kanchi.

    It is not difficult to learn… If any one attempts, Sri Periyava will walk with you in the learning process to facilitate the Sri Rudram to flow from one’s mouth as ‘Madai Thirantha Vellam’, it is for sure from the experience of a novice like me.


    Om Namo Bagawthe Sri Ramanayah.

  3. When I try to vote I find it very difficult. Atlest 6-7 times I have to tap the stars. Any easier method?

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