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  1. pl write about umbhagavaha a mool mandiram told to ra ganapathy by periyava please.

  2. Dear Smt Bhuvana,

    Blessed by reading the thought… Whether it is office, home or leisure the thought shall be a guiding spirit

    ‘Nee Pirarukku Koduppathellam, thanukku thane Kodiththuk Kolhirayh – Bagawn Sr Ramana Maharshi’.
    (Whatever for we are giving to others, one is giving it to himself or herself – Bagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi)

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayaha

  3. Thanks Mrs Bhuvana for sharing a wonderful thought.
    I always think of indulging in some entertainment after a long day..
    Will remember these lines and spend time in helping others….

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