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  1. Dear Bhuvn Mahesh The following are the names in sanskrit form for doing neivedyam
    for any auspicious function to God:

    1. Vetrilai Pakku – Thamboolam.
    2.Full coconut : Nari kelam
    3.Broken into two – coconut piece: Nari kela kanta dwyam.
    4.Multiple Coconut pieces: Nari kela kantaani.
    5.Plantain fruit: Kadhali palam. multiple: Palani
    6.Mango fruit: Amra Palam. multiple: Palani
    7.Vilam Papazham: Kapiththa palam.; Multiple: Palani
    8.Naval fruit: Jamboo palam. Multiple : Palani
    9.Jack fruit- pala pazham:- Panasa palam. Multiple:- palani
    10.Orange. Sathukudy:- Naranga Palam. multiple: palani.
    11.Apple: Kashmira Palam – multiple :,Palani.
    12.Berikkai:- Beri Palam.- multiple:palani
    13,Koyya Pazham:- Beeja Palam- multiple Palani.
    14.Grape fruit – Draksha palam:- multiple : palani
    15.Dates: Pereecham pazham: Karjuraka palam- palani
    16.sugar cane : Ikshu Dhandam.
    17. Madhulam palam: Dhadimi Palam- multiple: palani.
    18.Perppan pazham: Vedra Palam : Multiple : palani
    19.Idly: laddukam ; multiple : Laddukani
    20.Kozhukkattai: Modhakam: Multiple: Modhakani.
    21.Vadai: Masha apoopam: multiple: apoopani.
    22.Appam/ Adhirasam: Guda apoopam. Multiple: Guda apoopani
    23.Dosai: Chandrakasam
    24.Puli horai: Thinthri Annam,
    25.Cooked rice + drops of Ghee on it: Suddha Annam
    26.Lemon Rice: Jambira pala Annam.
    27.Ellu sadam. seasame bath ;- Thila annam.
    28.Coconut rice: Narikela Annam.
    29.Curd bath- Dhadyonnam,
    30Multiple dishes: Chitra annam
    31.Sundal: Kshanakam,
    32.Milk Payasam: Ksheera payasam.
    33.Jagery payasam;- Guda Payasam.
    34.Paruppu payasam: Soopa payasam
    35.Sarkarai pongal: Srkara annam.
    36.Akkara Vadisal: Srkara Annam.
    37.Ven pongal: Mudga annam.
    38.Puttu, Maa vilakku: Guda Misra Annam.
    39 Murukkau: Sash kuli
    40.Milk: Ksheeram.
    41.Butter: Navaneetham
    42.Ghee :- Ajyam.
    43.Aval: pruthukam.
    44.Pori : Lajam
    45.Pori urundai: Laja modhakam.
    46.Kalkandu: Rasa kantani
    47.Rice: Thandulam.
    48.Rice mixed with turmarik: Akshadai.
    49.water Purified by manthram :Holy water :- Theertham, ordinary : water Salilam
    50.Wheat: Godooma.
    51.Black dhall- ulundu :- Maasham.
    52.Payaru- green gram:- Mudgam ;
    53.Ellu; seasame ; Thilam
    54.Kothu kadalai :- Kshanakam.
    55.Jasmine: Malligai: Malliga pushpam.
    56. Lotus: Padmam.
    57.Thulasi: Thulasi Dhalam – three leaves.
    58.Vilvam: Vilva pathram.
    59.Sevandi: Jevanthika pushpam.
    60.Arugam pull – green grass:- Dhoorva yugmam.
    61.Sandal paste: Chandanam.
    62.Poonool: Yagno paveetham.
    63.Thirumangala saradu: Mangala soothram.
    64. Veshti / Towel: Vasthra yugmam.
    65.Oodupathi / sambrani: Dhoopam.
    66. Karpooram: Karpooram
    67.Vilakku: Deepam.
    68.Holy Bell / divine sound: Ganta mani / Ganta Nadham
    69.Wooden seat: aasana palagai: AAsanam.
    70.Viboothi: Thripundram.
    71.Thiruman: Oordhva pundram – Naamam.
    72.Left hand: Vama Hastham.
    73.Right hand : Dhakshina hastham.
    74.12 sacred Names: Dwadasa Namam: Kesava- Naaraayana-
    madhava -govinda — etc padmanabha, dhamodhara.
    75.16 sacred names: Shodasa Namam.
    76. 108 sacred names.:- Ashtothram.
    77 300 sacred names: Thri sadhi.
    78. 1008 sacred names: Sahasra namam.
    79. One lakh sacred Names: Laksharchanai.
    80 After pooja : Kayena vacha manasa indri eerva – bhudyadma naba
    prakruthehey swabhavath – karomi yad yad sahalam parasmy – Sreeman Narayana ithy samarpayami.

    Kindly circulate this to your known aasthikas,

    Asst.Manager – Retired.
    Nationalized Bank- Chennai 600 006.
    12th December.2014.

    Pl.log on to Dr.Subramanya Swami’s experiences
    with Maha periyava of Kanchi.
    You will be thrilled understand the power &
    knowledge of Maha periyava.
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  2. We get to know great things from great souls

  3. Dear Smt Bhuvana Mahesh

    Thanks for this post and thought. Blessed by reading it.

    It reminds me from Sri Periyava’s words on “Dhyana Thirtha”, Dr. Emoto’s Research work on “Water and Life”… He was an ethist and later turned into Godly, he proved with Water Crystaline Structure, how water subjected to bad and good words / environment changes crystalline structure… We all accepted our elders and Guru’s words on receiving ‘theertham’ from temples without questioning and following tradition, (which is subjected to positive vibrations of Vedha Mantram) hence a positive result… Can send a pictorial slide which I use in my courses / workshops / Lectures…

    It is said when you think of Guru, He will be there right at that place to cleanse you… It happened to me many times, including last week… I know Periyava is in camp at Pammal in Chennai, I was coming to Kanchi on 26th Oct 2014 night by bus, for a work at SCSVMV University on 27th Oct 2014… As we were approaching close to Kanchi, thinking of Sri Periyava and convinced that we shall go to Sri Mut next day and worship at Sri Maha Periyava sannidhi… To one’s surprise, Sri Periyava’s van was heading to Mutt and crossed by our Bus, we could have His Darshan, because of the lights of the vehicle coming from opposite side and location was close to toll gate… This experience is not a first time to me, it happened couple of times, enroute to Bangalore, whenever I thought of Him.

    The above experience, Sri Kapali Sastri explained in His book, when He thought of Sri Ramana while He was at Chennai, He felt Sri Bagawan by His side, at the same time Bagawan at Tirvannamalai has gone unconscious and left the body for a while… Sri Kapali Sastry is a great Sanskrit Scholar and a highly learned Pandid and person responsible for naming Sri Bagawan as ‘Ramana Maharshi’

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah!!…

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