Experiences Of Salem Sri Ravi Part II

In part II, Sri Ravi describes the intense ‘bhakthi’ of Pradhosham mama towards MahaPeriyava. Jayanthi procession and election meeting, Athi Rudram, Prayer to Periyava for his Padukai and more….

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  1. Sri Ravi sir, does he stay in Salem ? Is this Periyava house located in Salem ?
    Can we have the address ?


  2. Excellent.Mama your Guru Bhakti is amazing. Please bless me to get a Guru like you got and to tread the path of Bhakti,Gyana and Vairagya

  3. Part II another great one. Ravi Sir narrating about Pradosham mama bhakthi and about Sri Periyava is outstanding. He really brings out the actual scenes to our minds when listening to his narration. Long time back i saw video where Ravi sir is standing in Orikkai temple site explaining about how Pradosham mama got Uttharavu from Sri Periyava for constructing temple for Sri Periyava. Ravi sir explaining about vanni maram, is outstanding.

    I hope that Part III will cover about the construction of Orikkai temple. Ravi sir mentioning about a book by Pradosham mama, where it will be available?

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  4. Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Very informative, What a bhakti !

  5. waiting for 3rd part by MAMA and PERIYAVA ANUGRAGHAM no words full of tears HARA HARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA

  6. I hope there are more recordings from Salem Ravi anna.Waiting to partake the bliss enjoyed him.

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