Nochiam Sri Lalitha Parameswari temple consecration on June 2, 2014!

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Important Dates:

— May 12, 2014 – The Asramam will wear a festive look again in celebration of Periyava’s Jayanti (Anusham)

— May 30, 2014 – Preliminary rituals begin

— June 2, 2014 6.45-7.30 am – Rituals culminate in consecration on this day.

— June 2, 2014 9 am – Maha Abishekam, Deeparadhana, etc. A souvenir will be released in connection with the consecration. Advertisements are welcome.

— June 12, 2014 – The Asramam will wear a festive look again on Pournami Full Moon day.

— June 30, 2014 (Aani 16) 6-7 am – The coronation of Sri Lalitha Parameswari as Empress (Samrajya Pattabishekam) will take place.

— July 16, 2014 (Aani 32) – Mandalabishekam concludes on this day. The occasion will be marked by special homams and pujas for global welfare.

Remember the temple for Sri Lalitha Parameswari coming up at Nochiyam in Tiruchi? Thanks to contributions from Mahaperiyava devotees, the temple is ready for consecration set for June 2.

Shanthi Asramam, comprising shrines of the main deity and those for Paramacharya, Dakshinamurti, Subramanya, Sage Vyasa and so on, besides a dhyana mantapam, has indeed taken shape in a relatively short period of time but a lot remains to be done.

Smt Rajalakshmi Vittal, the remarkable woman behind the project is both happy and anxious. Recently in Chennai on her way to the Kanchi Kamakoti Math, she thanked all those who have made a dream come true.

“The Friday Review write-up has gone a long way in meeting the target,” she said signing a receipt on behalf of the Kanchi Mamunivar Trust for a devotee.

“People from across the world responded as word spread through internet,” she said palms folded. “It is unbelievable.” From the acquisition of land to laying the foundation, this project has been guided by Periyava’s divine hand. Otherwise how does one explain an aged housewife, a broken doll, engaging herself in a formidable task like this?” she asks.

Meticulous planning

Meticulous with expenditure, Rajalakshmi Vittal has spent every rupee with care to raise the temple. A lot more is needed to finish the task. “If each devotee gives a hundred rupees, the temple will be complete. I’m confident that with Periyava’s grace this will happen. Only I get worried when I think of my age,” she says wistfully.

Snapping out of the moment, Maami enthusiastically continues to talk of the temple, post-consecration. Annadanam, which Periyava propagated, will be a regular feature at the temple. “Nobody should go back hungry. Whatever collected, money or grains, will go to make food for devotees, who visit the temple. Nothing will be hoarded. For a small sum, visitors can buy grains on the premises and donate it back. This is a shrine for the people, by the people. At the end of the day, the account will be read out to Sri Lalitha Parameswari, just as Periyava submitted everything at the feet of Sri Chandramouliswara. The day will begin with the reading of Panchangam…” Maami’s vision leaves one speechless.

The retirement home is also getting ready with already two apartments booked. Maami is clear about the tenants.

“They should be spiritually inclined and of course they should be Periyava devotees. It is their home and they should help run it by participating in the daily activities. No physical work is involved but they should help the manager in efficient administration of the temple, patasala, gosala, etc.”

Through these columns Rajalakshmi Vittal extends invitation to the Mahakumbabishekam of the temple that is being built by the devotees of Paramacharya.

“They should all come and soak in the divine grace of Periyava,” she says with typical sincerity.

The temple is located on the southern bank of Aiyyan Vaikkal in Nochiyam (Madhava Perumal Temple) on the northern bank of Kollidam near Tiruchi. Preliminary rituals begin on May 30 and culminate in consecration on June 2, 6.45-7.30 a.m. Maha Abishekam, Deeparadhana, etc., will happen at 9 a.m. A souvenir will be released in connection with the consecration. Advertisements are welcome.

The Asramam will wear a festive look again on May 12 in celebration of Periyava’s Jayanti (Anusham) on June 12 Full Moon day.

On June 30, (Aani 16) 6-7 a.m., the coronation of Sri Lalitha Parameswari as Empress (Samrajya Pattabishekam) will take place.

Mandalabishekam concludes on July 16 (Aani 32). The occasion will be marked by special homams and pujas for global welfare.

For details contact 9443370605, 9486831081, 9600933390. Email:

Address: Sri Jagadguru Kanchi Mamunivar Charitable Trust, 4/305, Shanthi Ashram, Ayyan Vaikkal South Bank, Kollidam North Bank, Madhavaperumal Koil, Nochiyam, Tiruchi 621216.

Bank details: Lakshmi Vilas Bank No 1. Toll Gate Account number 0784301000016904. IFS Code: LAVB 0000784; Indian Bank, T.V. Koil – 886244176 – IFS Code: IDIB 000S110; City Union Bank – Sb115001001829205 – IFS Code CIUB 0000115


Source: The Hindu

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  1. Namaskaarams to Rajalakshmi Maami! She has done a great deed which would only be possible for kings and emperors! May Goddess Lalitha Parameswari and Maha Periyava Bless us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. Sir. Some five month’s back i went to Nochiyam and the work was in progress.Mami enquired my whereabouts and I was humbled by the Bhakthi of mami towards MahaPeriyava and the immense blessing that Mami got from MahaPeriyava because even at this ripe old age and despite being a simple housewife she was single-handedly carry out such a mammoth work where even youngsters like us will fumble at the very thought of such a task.Just make a visit to this place and you can really feel that we are mere tools in the hands of MahaPeriyava.But to be selected as a tool, one have to surrender to MahaPeriyava like Rajalakshmi mami has did.Praying to MahaPeriyava to make my presence at nochiyam on June 2nd.

    Namaskaram at the holy feet of Mami and Pranams to Mahesh sir for informing us all through this blog.

    Prostrating at the holy feet of MahaPeriyava and our Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and prostrations to the holy peetams of Joshi matam, Sringeri matam, Dwaraka and Puri matam,

    MahaPeriyava saranam Sivan sar saranam. Jaya jaya Sankara…………………………

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