“How could HE know it!”


The incident happened in January 1990. I was married three months at that time and my elder brother, a doctor, diagnosed that my husband was severely affected by a disease and said, “Lakshmi. you have to be very careful. You must take good care of him!”

I was very much worried and being very young, just completed 20 years old, I could not control my fears. At that time we were in Cheyyar. My mother in law suggested that we could go to Kanchi Mutt and pray to Him.

So we went. There were nearly 1000 people waiting for Dharshan! I was in our traditional Madisar saree and was sitting at the back, nearly some 100 rows from Him. I was very much worried whether I would get the darshan of Acharya or not. It was nearly 11.45 am and they were saying that Acharya would end the darshan by 12 noon. I was almost in tears.

And then an amazing thing happened. One person, who was with Acharya came to us and said,

“Amma, Ungala Periva azhaikkirar, He is calling you!”

<Can words sound more sweeter to one’s ears!>

I was stunned at His Grace and everyone sitting around me were amazed. Then I was taken to Him. When I knelt down to offer my namaskarams to Acharya, He said,

“Kuzandha, amma, nee onnum kavala padathe. un athukarar nallaiduvar. intha kumkum. Ambalidam azhaichundu po, avara. My child, do not worry about anything. Your husband will become perfectly alright. Take him to Ambal!” and He gave kumkum and mallipoo malai Jasmine garland to me!

I was shocked to the core! Because I never told HIM anything and never discussed why I had come there to anyone. How could HE know it! It was difficult for me to express my feelings. “undambellam maikoochal eduthathu.” I got goosebumps!

And with the blessings of Kamatchi Ambal and Acharya, my husband got well in 6 months.Till this day and till my life end I will never forget this invaluable incident in my life!

“How could HE know it!” — Well. Who is He. :)))

Narrated by Smt Latchoumy Mohan almost two years back. What blessings. Shankara.

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  1. குருவே சரணம்! அவர் திருவடி சரணம்!ஸ்வாமியிடம் நாம் எதுவும் சொல்ல வேண்டியது இல்லை! லோக குருவுக்கு தெரியாதது லோகத்துல உண்டா!

  2. Valinthu Vanthu KaruNaiyaip Pozhiyum Deivam maha Periyava! He is none other than Kamakshi! Splendid to read and remember with worship. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Perayaval satchat ambal.
    ஒரு தாயின் கருணயை
    உணர முடிந்ததூ

  4. He is Parameswar amsam .we should be thankful to almimighty that we also lived during HIS time.

  5. That is one of the miracles by Maha Periyava.

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