Namasankeerthan Mela & Sahasra Suwasini Puja in Va, USA — Aug 30 to Sep 1, 2014

Guru NJ Labor Day


Namasankeerthan Mela & Sahasra Suwasini Puja First time in USA is going to be held during Labor Day weekend from Aug 30th to Sep 1st, 2014 at Chinmaya Somnath in Chantilly, VA by Gnanananda Seva Samajam. Please contact Smt Daya Ravi and Shri Ravi Radhakrishnan for further details.

Many organizations like Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation, Chinmya Mission, Sai Group & many others including Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, MD & Sri Durga Temple, VA are participating in this Megha event. Please register & attend the Holy Event. For the benefit of out of towners, the organizers have blocked rooms in two nice hotels less than 5 miles from the facility. Please join in large numbers.

Thanks a ton to Shri Krishnamurthy Guruvayurappan for running this by me.

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  2. Sir/Madam, It is good to learn that  a Nama Sankeertana Mela and a Sahasra Suvasini Puja Mela is being organised in the US. It would be better if the Children of the age group 5-16 are also associated in this Mela, and they are each given a small note book to write the names of Sri Rama (One lakh times each ) and submit at the time of this Mela or at some other suitable time later to a congregation like this. Such a step will help make our children, our tradition-oriented. They all have to be encouraged to wear our traditional dresses IN PUBLIC, with kum kum etc. The elders also should develop the habit of wearing our traditional dresses and caste marks, on such occasions. This way, our culture will be sustained. S.Chidambaresa Iyer. 29 March 2014. Phone: 91-44-26214105 or 91-9500010065.

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