Kanchi Acharyas lineage

Vigraham Karthi

The Acharyas of The Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

Sl No. Name Place of Birth Place of Attainment of Samadhi Year of Siddhi-(Christian era) Duration of Pontificate
1 Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada Kaladi Kanchi 477 B.C. Founder and First Head of Kanchi Math
2 Sureswaracharya Kashmir Do 407 B.C. 70 years
3 Sarvajnatman Tamrabarani Do 364 B.C. 112 years
4 Satyabodha Amaravathi Tira Do 268 B.C. 63 years
5 Jnanananda Mangalam near Lalgudi Do 205 B.C. 63 Years
6 Suddhananda Vedaranya Do 124 B.C. 81 years
7 Anantananda Chera country Sri Saila 55 B.C. 69 Years
8 Kaivalyananda Tirupati Punyarasa Kanchi 28 A.D. 83 years
9 Krpa Sankara Andhara Desa Vindhya Mountains 69 A.D. 41 years
10 Sureswara Mahabaleswar Kanchi 127 A.D. 58 years
11 Sivananda Cidghana Karnataka Vriddhachala 172 A.D. 45 years
12 Chandrasekhara I Near Palar Seshachala 235 A.D. 63 years
13 Satchidghana Near Gadilam Kanchi 273 A.D. 37 years
14 Vidyaghana Andhra Desa Agastya Parvata 317 A.D. 45 years
15 Gangadhara I Kanchi Do 329 A.D. 12 years
16 Ujvala Sankara Tapati Tira Kashmir 367 A.D. 38 years
17 Sadasiva Kashmir Trayamabak 375 A.D. 10 years
18 Surendra Maharashtra Ujjain 385 A.D. 10 years
19 Vidyaghana Maharashtra Godavari Tira 398 A.D. 13 years
20 Muka Sankara (?) Godavari 437 A.D. 35 years
21 Chandrasekhara ii Konkan Kasi 447 A.D. 10 years
22 Bodhendra I Ratangiri Jagannatha 481 A.D. 34 years
23 Satchitsukha Srikakulam Do 512 A.D. 31 years
24 Chitsukha I Konan Ratangiri 527 A.D. 15 years
25 Satichidanandaghana Srimushnam Gokarna 548 A.D. 21 years
26 Prajnanaghana Pinakini river side Kanchi 546 A.D. 16 years
27 Chidvilasa Hastigiri Kanchi 577 A.D. 13 years
28 Mahadeva I Mithila Do 601 A.D. 24 years
29 Purnabodha I Andhra Desa Do 618 A.D. 17 years
30 Bodhendra Ii Do Do 655 A.D. 37 years
31 Chidanandaghana Andhra Desa Do 672 A.D. 4 years
33 Satchidananda Do Do 692 A.D. 20 years
34 Chandrasekhara III Vegavati side Do 710 A.D. 18 years
35 Chitsukha II Vedachala Sahaya Mountains 737 A.D. 27 years
36 Chitsukhananda Palar side Kanchi 758 A.D.  
37 Vidyaghana Not Known Chidambaram 788 A.D. 21 years
38 Abhinava Sankara Chidambaram, Himalayas Dattatreya cave, 840 A.D. 30 years
39 Satchidvilasa Maharashtra Kanchi 837 A.D. 32 years
40 Mahadeva II Karnataka Do 915 A.D. 33 Years
41 Gangadhara II Bhima river side Do 950 A.D. 42 years
42 Brahamanandaghana Karnataka Do 978 A.D. 35 years
43 Anandaghana Tungabhadra Do 1014 A.D. 28 years
44 Purnabodha I Karnataka Do 1040 A.D. 36 years
45 Paramasiva I Do Do 1061 A.D. 26 years
46 Sandranandabodha Do Arunachala 1098 A.D. 21 years
47 Chandrasekhara IV Kundi river side Do 1166 A.D. 37 years
48 Advaitanandaboodha Pinakini Chidambaram 1200 A.D. 68 years
49 Mahadeva III Chayavanam Gadilam 1247 A.D. 34 years
50 Chandrachuda I Not Known Do 1297 A.D. 47 years
51 Vidyatirtha Bilvaranya Himalayas 1385 A.D. 50 years
52 Sankarananda Madhyarjuna Kanchi 1417 A.D. 88 years
53 Purnananda Sadasiva Nagarayana Do 1498 A.D. 32 years
54 Vyasachala Mahadeva Kanchi Vyasachala 1507 A.D. 81 years
55 Chandrachuda II Asmala Kanchi 1524 A.D. 9 years
56 Sarvajna Sadasivabodha Pennar side Rameswaram 1539 A.D. 17 years
57 Paramasiva II Pampatira Svetarayana 1586 A.D. 15 years
58 Atmabodha Vridhachalam Gadilam 1638 A.D. 47 years
59 Bhagavannama Bodhendra Kanchi Govindapuram 1692 A.D. 52 years
60 Adhyatma Prakasa Vasista river side Ambi 1704 A.D. 54 years
61 Mahadeva IV Not known Tiruvottriyur 1746 A.D. 12 year
62 Chandrasekhara V Not known Do 1851 A.D. 31 years
65 Mahadeva (Sudarsana) Madhyarjuna Elaiyattankudi 1891 A.D. 37 years
66 Chandrasekhara VI Udayambakkam Kalavai 1908 A.D. 40 years
67 Mahadeva VI Tiruvisanallur Do 1908 A.D. 7 days
68 Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Maha Svamigal VII Villupuram Kanchi 1994 A.D. 100 years
69 Jayendra Saraswathi Svamigal Irulneeki
70 Sankara Vijayendra Sarasvathi Svamigal Thandalam  


The link below contains neat historical facts of our Kanchi Acharyas starting with Adi Shankara with details like Their birth place, year, place of Siddhi of the previous 68 Shankaracharyas, Their poorvashrama names, the number of years They were Peetadhipathis etc etc.


Thanks a ton to Shri Karthikeyan Nagaratnam for the lovely picture of Adi Shankara’s vigraham.

A blessed Guru day to all.

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  1. Can anyone help me to get the photos of all 70 Achaaryas. Thanks

    • If not real picture illustration available
      See a handy book of kanchi acharyas
      Named chitranjali :kanchi guru Ratna mala with giri trading book shop.

  2. Does anyone know the samadhi sthalam of #21 Chandrasekhara ii in Kasi

  3. I am extremely happy to know the details of our acharyas.I have very poor knowledge of them.But my recent visit to some of their samadhis in Kumbakonam gave me immense pleasure.
    Wishing you a long serviceI.

  4. KIndly establish with Pictures of the Acharyaas with there period as pontificate Important Places. Please give it as a book for a price to the Devotees of the Kanchi Kama Koti Peedam to keep it as a record in there house for the future generation. Please advise them to include in there family Horoscope book as the PEETAM FOR THE FAMILY IS KANCHI KAMA KOTI PEETAM….FAMILY DAIETY IS ………….. for the future generation’s knowledge.

  5. The 62nd, 63rd, 64th acharyas all attained siddhi at Kumbakonam where their Brindavana is located. 63rd and 64th seers details are entirely missing. The 58th acharya’s samadhi is at Vadavambalam (near Panruti) where it was rediscovered by Mahaperiyava. http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/details/June%202010%20-vadavambalam.html
    Further, the 31st acharya was Shri Brahmanandaghanendra Sarasvati (1) and the 32nd acharya was Shri Chidanandaghanendra Sarasvati. Also, the place of siddhi of the 55th acharya is Kanchi from the sources available and not tiruvotriyur as indicated by SunHillSon above.

  6. Namaskaram – this is a wonderful initiative and I was happy to see the lineage documented. In today’s academic environment, A.D and B.C is seen as outdated since these necessary refer to a “Christian era”. Rather they chose to call it the “common era” – hence the abbreviations become BCE for “Before Common Era” (the old AD) and CE – “Common Era”. It would be good if all Indians also started adopting this as the standard.

  7. Rama rama! 55th acharya attained siddhi at Thiruvotriyur. Present day sankara colony. List shows as kanchi. To be corrected. Do not miss 61st acharya’s brindavanam near Thiruvotriyur thyagaraja temple. Contact Sri Easwara iyer 09940468530

  8. Kindly correct the details; name of 48th Acharya to Advaitanandha bodha; 54th Acharya Vyasachala Mahadevendra Saraswathi adhishtanam is at nallinakkeshwarar temple near ezhichur (Via Oragadam – Sriperumbudur); 57th Acharya, Paramasivendra Saraswathi (Guru of Sadasiva Brahmendra of Nerur) is at Svetaranya (Thiruvenkadu – Budhan Sthalam)

  9. Rama rama.
    Presently living at Cuddalore in the banks of river Gadilam. I am trying to know the samadhi sthalam of 49th acharya. If anybody kows please share.
    Rama rama.

  10. Rama rama.
    This pertains to 58th acharya. The place of samadhi is Vadavambalam in villupuram district. Gadilam is referring to another place on Chennai to Trichy NH.
    Also, the name can be denoted fully as Vishvadhiha atma bodhendra swamy.
    Rama rama.

  11. In the above list Sr nos 32, 63 & 64 are missing. I looked into the list at Kamkoti.org also and it also has some missing sr no. Mean while I got another list form Web http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanchi_Kamakoti_Peetham. Can this be verified and a correct list posted here. Also request to let me know whether there is any consolidated list of Adisthanams of Kanchi Seers?

  12. Last column requires some correction. It may be noted that the 7 days for H.H. Mahdeva VI (Sl No. 67) means only His stay as Pontif but not His total life period. In a similar way, for our Maha Periyawa (Sl. No. 68), the total life is 100 years but as Pontiff, it may be somewhere 88 years. Kindly think over and update if data is available.

  13. Pontificate indicates the duration as Peetadhipathi. So, for Mahaperiyava it should actually be 87 years (1907 – 1994). Likewise, for the 66th Acharya, who shared the same Ashrama name as Mahaperiyava, the pontificate was 17 years. Please visit the below site for well-researched and authentic information on the Kamakoti Acharya Parampara:


  14. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

    Pardon my ignorance.

    What does the duration of Pontificate mean? – Does it indicate the age of the respective Acharya or the duration as Peetathipathi of the Mutt?

  15. Please include the birth year of Sri Aadhi Sankarar that Sri Maha Periyava has so emphatically and rigorously re-established as 509 BC

  16. Vadakodi Brindavanams are located within the premises of Kanchi SriMatam in Kumbakonam. An localite of Kumbakonam will lead you to Srimatam. The three Brindavanams are known to be highly sanctimonious and japa, dhyana sadhana performed in the Divine Presence of those Acharyas is said to be very meritorious.

  17. Sir, This list does not contain the three VADAKODI BRINDAVANAMS in Kumbhakonam. Where are they?  S. Chidambaresa Iyer  20 March 2014

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