English Book — ‘A Sacred Thread’!

Book A sacred thread
Stumbled upon this english book ‘A sacred thread: Modern Transmission of Hindu Traditions in India and Abroad’ which contains chapters in detail about Mahaperiyava, Pudhu Periyava, Bala Periyava, Kanchipuram, Kanchi Shankara Matam etc.

Have updated this info with the other English books on Swamigal here at:


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  1. Thank you.

    IMHO, Real seekers is a high bar and qualification not easily available to average person. The presence of high bar is itself a demotivator for some souls. I imagine that way forward is we use what we have in terms of mental acumen and capacity and proceed from there bit by bit. However, i haven’t come across reference to this bhaava in english translation of limited number of vedas / upanishads / puranas that i have studied except in rare instances of bhakti stories. I was hoping more knowledgeable persons would shed light on best path forward given the limitations based on authority of scriptures

  2. You can include “The Jagadguru. ” by Dr.V.Raghavan..Rajan Publishers also..rare interviews with Foreigners.

  3. We cheapen mahans and gods by asking them something. By doing that, we declare that they do not know what we want and we are “educating” them on what we want. I heard Periyava saying “so many people come to me and pray for promotion, daughter;s marriage, health, wealth etc….not one soul comes and asks for atma gnanam”. Sure, Periyava/Ambal/Shiva will bless us with all these but we should know what to ask…They like the the real seekers!!!

  4. I have a unrelated question. I believe in periyava because of Clarity i received after reading deivathin kural, his miracles, his appearance in my dreams twice. Am I cheapening my devotion or adulterating my devotion when i rush/beg/pray to him when I have no solutions to problems Even though i start my day with his smaranam without asking anything? What does vedas/upanishads/tamil literature like nayanmars/alwars etc Say? Any thoughtful response with evidence would be enlightening. thank you

  5. Where is this book available for sale? Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

    • Do not know where one can buy it. Think there is an option to order it in books.google.com, in the same link I had given. Also, one can read quite a bit of the book online in the same site. Thank you.

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