My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya!


Narrated by the blessed devotee Shri Basker Mathrubootham who had shared this in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook.

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My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 1

I was first introduced to the Paramacharya way back in 1981 at the age of 11. My maternal grandparents are big devotees of his. They had the habit of getting his blessings before every marriage at home. It was before my youngest aunt’s marriage that year we made our way to Pandharpur in Maharashtra. At around 3:00 pm, the doors to his room were open to public and I saw him for the first time. The man who opened the door was none other than Balu Mama who is now Swaminadendra Saraswathi Swamigal. After about 2 hours of Darshan in the presence of 20 people, we returned to see him the next morning and once again in the evening. These three Darshans were my first encounters with him. I wondered why people keep asking him for things! Some people asked for his blessings so that their children could get married. One lady asked for Putra Bhagyam. Another man prayed for a promotion at work. The answer for all these queries was a silent blessings. My grandparents kept the wedding invitation and sought blessings. The two day trip to Pandharpur ended and we continued to Mantralayam and onwards to Madras later. Until then, my father did not get to meet him. In fact I don’t remember seeing him with a spiritual guru. But little did I know this was a start of something more profound.

My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 2

My second meeting with him occurred when we visited Kanchipuram in 1984. Bala Periyavaa came into the Kanchi Mutt just 1 year before and we went to see the 3 of them. It was a routine visit for my grandparents. My mother could not come and my father was not so much into Mutt related activities then. He always believed work is worship. Paramacharya was seeing so many visitors come in. He enquired about my grandfather’s relatives and also asked about my parents and aunts/uncles. It was the first time I saw Bala Periyavaa and Nadu Periyavaa. I didn’t think much about the whole visit. Upon returning to Madras we continued with our work. It was around this time that my father who was a psychiatrist (Yes, he is the famous Lord Labak Das in Pennin Manathai Thottu) got a call from one of the Mutt folks regarding a patient. Since this involves confidential information I do not know much about the patient himself. But I do know that he was connected with the people in the Mutt. My father treated him as another patient and moved on as usual. However, one day he got a call from the mutt. The caller said that the paramacharya wanted to meet him at the mutt. As was always the case he was extremely busy and could not give any time for that. Then on a Sunday morning he just asked the driver to come home and asked him to drive to Kanchi. Two hours later he landed at the mutt. Then this happened.

Gentleman: Saar, are you Dr Mathrubootham.

Dad: Yes.

Gentleman: Are you the one who gives TV programs?

Dad: Yes.

Gentleman: Vanakkam saar, I am with the Kanchi Mutt. Swamiji said you will come today. So we were expecting you.

It was this moment that transformed our lives. It was a beginning of something that we will carry with us for lifetimes.

My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 3

My parents had just been stunned by what they heard from the man at the entrance. Upon entering the mutt, my dad quickly changed over to the standard attire and walked towards him. This is what followed:

பெரியவா: உன் பேர் என்ன?

அப்பா: மாத்ருபூதம்

பெரியவா: சொந்த ஊர்?

அப்பா: கூத்தனூர். பேரளம் பக்கத்துல. தாத்தா குட்டக்கரை ராமசாமி ஐயர்.

பெரியவா: ஓ அன்னதானம் ராமசாமி ஐயரா!அவனுக்கு நான் தான் தீக்ஷை கொடுத்தேன். ராமனந்தா சாமி.

My great grandfather passed away in 1952 and this conversation was in 1985. How could someone remember an event so far back. My father could not believe it at all. At that point he sensed he was dealing with an extraordinary man. The conversation later meandered around the patients and my father’s work. Periyavaa was impressed with the progress made by the patient and blessed my parents. My dad was a totally transformed man after this event. Many in the mutt became his friends. Dad then decided not to get any fees from the patient he was treating. He then went for an interview with All India Radio. He said.
“We all get name, fame, health and wealth. But nothing can come close to the blessings we get from holy saints. That way, I am blessed.”

My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 4

At the outset, thanks to one and all who have encouraged me with your likes and comments. Truly overwhelming 🙂 .

Upon completing his first visit to the mutt, my parents started going back there pretty often. For someone who didn’t believe in the concept of swamijis this was a total transformation. For many years we made frequent trips to Tirumala and other shrines. But not once did I see my father visiting saints. Yes, things do happen. Often, my brother and I would accompany them to Kanchi. Some other times, my maternal grandparents would also join in.

During such visits, the mutt officials would just inform that my dad has come. Swamiji would simply say “நீ இங்கேயே கொஞ்சம் நேரம் உட்காரு”. My dad would then talk about lots of things. Out of nowhere Swamiji would ask about small things in the temples near Koothanur. My grandfather (maternal) was also from Tanjore district and is a cousin to former President RV. He would also enquire about the Prez. It often amused me to hear him say “Avan, Ivan” when it came to the President of India (not yet then). Invariably the conversation would meander and come back to the specific patient. Upon hearing about developments he would say “நீ மடத்துக்கு இவ்வளவு செய்யறியே! நன்னா இரு! இந்த கோயிலுக்கு போய் அம்பாளை தரிசனம் பண்ணிட்டு வா.” We would go to those temples and return there. Then he would specifically ask about people in that temple once we returned. I always used to think that he just knows them so well and so he asked about them.

Few months later the patient returned to the mutt. I remember it was around 1986 when it happened. Upon return of the patient, he said “இவன் நன்னா ஆயிட்டானா! க்ஷேமமா இரு! எல்லாம் உன் தயவு தான்”. He gave a சால்வை to my dad and blessed him. I remember seeing him smile big then! “அத்தருணத்தில் நடமாடிய தெய்வம் தான் எங்களைப் பார்த்து நகைத்தது என்று நான் உணரவேயில்லை”!

My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 5

It was 1986 and we continued our regular visits to the mutt. My dad’s conversation with him continued. The wonders never stopped. My dad had to help out a Madras US consulate officer and meet his holiness with her. She had a strange question in her mind. She wondered if she should marry again for the 4th time! She was divorced thrice already. She smoked while traveling by car. Thankfully when she entered the mutt she stopped all of that. Upon meeting the swamiji she sat in front of him and neither of them spake. 15 minutes later she just stood up, did her pranams, walked out and thanked my dad later. She later told that his holiness told her not to marry for the 4th time now. My dad had written about this episode in a Tamil magazine after Swamiji’s Siddhi in 1994. In a tailpiece he had specifically mentioned. இவரின் தேவை பெரியவாளுக்கு எப்படி தெரிந்தது? அது ஒரு புரியாத புதிர். அது புதிராகவே இருக்கட்டும். தெய்வீகமே ஒரு புதிர் தானே!

My encounters with His Holiness Paramacharya – 6

After about 5 or 6 visits in 85-86, my dad was called by the Mutt office. The message was “Sri
Jayendra Saraswathi wants to meet you.” I was there with him. In fact our entire family including
cousins, aunts, uncles were there in full force. We rented two additional cars as well. At the
mutt  we met His Holiness. After blessing all of us he called my dad into his room and
discussed for over 1 hour. This was a one on one meet. We were curiously watching the
proceedings. After that my dad came out.

His Holiness said thus in a nutshell.

Jayendra Saraswathi: உன்னை இந்த மடத்துல எல்லாருக்கும் தெரியறதே! நீ
என்ன டாக்டர்?

Dad: I am a psychiatrist working in Madras.

His Holiness: உனக்கு ஒரு வேலை இருக்கு. கலவைன்னு ஒரு இடம்
காஞ்சியிலிருந்து 40 கிமீ தூரம். அங்கே ஒரு விருத்தாஸ்ரமமும், குழந்தைகள்
நல இடமும் இருக்கு. குடும்பத்தோடு நீ போய் அங்கே இருக்கிறவாளுக்கு
மருத்துவ சேவை செய்யணும்.

Dad: OK. I will do it.

His Holiness: மாசத்துக்கு ஒரு தடவை இல்லைன்னா ரெண்டு மாசத்துக்கு ஒரு
தடவை அவாளை போய் கவனிச்சுக்கோ.

Until then none of us knew that it was in the same kalavai swamiji had attained Sanyasam and
is considered the holiest of places for his devotees. The children’s home was for special
needs kids. Upon completion of the conversation we took leave and met with Paramacharya.
When told about this new mission, He was full of smiles and blessed us all. We returned home
after visiting a few temples in kanchi. Thus began the mission that has till date given us all the
bountiful blessings that we enjoy.


Narrated by the blessed devotee Shri Basker Mathrubootham.

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