“Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal” in Podhigai TV!

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Podhigai Tamil channel is telecasting “Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal” by Shri Indira Soundararajan from March 17th from 7.00 to 7.30 pm on Monday to Friday.

Please check your local listings too to confirm the time.

Chennai Doordarshan Director has requested to inform the Devotees of Sri Mahaperiyaval and the Kanchi Matam.

Thanks a bunch to Smt Kala Subramanyam and Shri Krishnamurthy Guruvayurappan for running this by me.

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  1. I am seeing everyday speech given by Sri Indira Soundararajan and Miracles happened by Kanchi Karunai Kadal. I want to meet Indira Soundarajan and tell one Miracle happened for Me with the blessings of Kanchi Karunai Kadal Maha Periyava.
    Please tell me how I can contact and Meet Indira Soundarajan. I am staying in Chennai


  2. From 29-08-16 Podhigai TV is not telecasting this programme. Have they stopped the telecast? Hope they resume it soon. Could we request them to re-start again?

  3. subrahmanya bhujangam is different from sri subrahmanyaya namaste.the kambodhi ragam deekshidar krithi related in the episodes it was not mentioned correctly. the bhujangam is by adi sankara done at thiruchendur. both differ but god is same. this song was explained to ariyakkudi with meaning pada padartham in detail and the great singer was asked to sing by maha periyava that day in his presence. Iam trying to reach you but failed. i could not get the phone number or email. now i am in singapore with our son i stay in chennai. please explain in one of your future programmes about this. thank you indra

  4. great programme.wish the programm does not end at all.indira soundarajan rendition is wonderful.

  5. Sir, I am a great fan of your program in Podhigai “Kanchiyin kadunai kadal” . Used to watch regularly. So thought you are the best person to reply my query.

    Sir, I used to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. Recently I heard from one of my friends that Maha Periyava has advised that Vishnu Sahasranamam not to be chanted by ladies. Is that. Correct? Since He is my manaseega Guru I want to follow Him. Pl clarify. Also is there any other sloka not to be chanted by ladies. Request to please clarify.

    With regards and respect

  6. Would like to thank that these episode right from 1 onwards now uploaded in YouTube .

    The great advantage for every one can now listen in YouTube at your own leisure time right from episode 1.

    I am delighted and started seeing from episode 1.

    I cannot express in words. We are so delighted .me and my wife will enjoy watching daily few hours.

    Thanks for Podhigai TV, uploading all these episodes in yu YouTube.

    Great Job by Podhigai.

    Needless to mention, by the excellent presentation by Indira Soundarajan.


  7. In todays Kanchiyin karunai kadal, Indira Soundararajan has told some portion of Vishnu Sahasranamam. Kindly mail the same to rsridharan49@gmail.com as it is required urgently by a friend.

  8. Excellent speech. Many rare and interesting informations.we cannot resist ourselves to hear any number of times.

    Gayathri rajagopal

    • Should be uploaded in you tube in part by part. So that those who missed hearing in the morning like me can see when my leisure time.

      Further people like me will be away from India for 5 to 6 months in a year.

      We will be benefitted if you upload in YouTube.
      Pl consider.

    • What a performance.This is fabulous and I cannot express in words.when ever I miss my morning walk and I will ensure to listen sharp at 7.15:am in Podhigai channel.

      I have been asking to upload in you tube. This will be great help for many millions who us interested watching when ever they have leisure time.

      The presentation by Indira Soundarajan is the best. I would like to thank Podhigai TV for continuous relay.

  9. on Nov 4th he has mentioned a sloka for heeling.Can anyone help me by uploading the same

  10. on 4th nov.2015 he has mentioned about a sloka…Can someone post the sloka

  11. This Is one of the excellent program we have ever seen. I am eagerly waiting to see in You tube. If this is uploaded in you tube, one by one slowly , then it will be great use for all those people who missed in the specific time to watch. More over, it will be very good for the parents to show these episode in the you tube on the week end ( Saturday and Sunday) and the children will enrich their know,edge.

    My humble request to upload these in You tube.

  12. Kanchiyinkarunaikadlprogramme programme onpodhigai TV is always aired out of You tube.Podhigai TV is not serious in airing this program!e like other programmes.

  13. Please give us the contact details of Sri. Indira soundararajan Pl.

  14. hello sir ..just now i came to me to know about this program..can you please upload previous episodes!!

  15. Please upload all the episodes of Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal in youtube as we dont get Podigai channel.

  16. can anyone please tell me today program (12.5.2015)may 12th ).he gave one manthra,i missed that.

  17. Om Bha Ha Va Ha

  18. I too need that Sloka and the other one he said on 5 and 6 may.
    Please some one post it here or send via email to bramacha@gmail.com

    • the captioned slokas are sent to ur mail i.d.the slokas are also available in the book SARVAMANGALAM THARUM NITHYA PARAYANA SLOKANGAL BY GIRI TRADING COMPANY,MADRAS.

      • Dear Sri krishnamurthy G, We will be greatful if you can send us some slokhas on Mahaperiyava through mail.

  19. Hi
    On March 9th, 10th or 11th, 2015 episode, mahaperiyava taught a mantra to an old man for attaining moksha, if you chant that mantra, your death will be a painless one. I need the episodes of March 9th,10th and 11th,2015. My grand mother is desperately searching for it. Please post the episodes on You Tube or send it to the mail id- shanthi334.mech@gmail.com. Thanks in Advance.


    • we love this programme and if any interption comes we feel bad.Today also you read this shloka but little i missed pl forward to chandrasvs2008@rediff.com
      One more thing i want to share is previously we had the problem for girls getting married but now the wind changed and in every house you will find that they r not getting response from girls side and boys are thare from the age group og 28 to 45 any remedies for this.mrs.chandra

  20. namaskarams,
    you are doing a great service and pray by HIS grace your service should continue for ever.

  21. Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal … Will it be in youtube or some other link so that people can watch it especially from abroad?

  22. you can watch DD Podigai live streamed here. http://tamiltv.tv/dd-podhigai-live/

    cant vouch for the site, but stream is really good

  23. good, we all need it

  24. We don’t get here Podigai Channel . Pl sum can do the recording and upload it in you tube or send us the recordings.

    • FIlly agree with karpagam. Like me most of them missing this serial, as we will be going out on morning walk . Hence if they can keep uploading in you tube, it would be fine for us to watch at our leisure time. We do not want to miss this episode, as it is something exceptionally very very excellent.

  25. will be eagerly looking forward to watch this. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  26. I am thrilled to note a serial onahaperiyavar is cing in podigai TV. Now I earnestly await to see this. Thanks for sharing this information

  27. so nice to read


  1. Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal Video by Sri Indra Soundararajan | Sage of Kanchi

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