Diamond Jubilee of HH Pudhu Periyava’s Peetarohanam and commencement of 80 years!

Vajra Mahotsava cover new pic

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Thanks a ton to Shri Krishnamurthy Guruvayurappan for running this by me!

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  1. Thank you Suresh ji for this information, my prayers at Sri Periyava – Pujya Sri – Jayendra Saraswathi swamigal, Sri Kamakoti Peetadhipathigal to his holiness’s divine feet. Praying to Sri Swamiji to bless the world with his divine service for another hundred years – ‘innum oru nootranduirum’.

    Yesterday, Sri Balaji ji was asking how NRIs could extend their service to Gomatha.
    In my humble opinion, this is a golden opportunity for extending the request to Sri Swamiji’s divine feet.
    Some FYIs:

    1) The devadhana bhoomis of temples in remote villages could be extended to become gho shalas or pasture lands for cows. Our ancestors are great Dharmic people who gave to these temples as Deva Dhanam, the ‘Saavaa Moovaa Peraadu’ – ‘the cow that never dies or has disease’ & gave the pasture land to them for grazing.
    2) In Vechchur in Kerala, a similar event of conserving the only known last of the Vechchur bull was got from such devadhana temple bull that was in the Vechchur Sri Shiva temple. Because the idiotic govt. policy makers sterilized all other bulls of native cows in the state except the temple bulls. ( This is another unnoticed incdent of how Dharma Shaastras save us).
    3) Similarly, we could request Swamiji’s blessing in creating a trust to bring the temple grounds under the gho-seva trust and make them into pasture lands.

    This will have many benefits like:
    1) Native cows can be had in the native environment itself – to which they are best suited.
    2) Mudhraadhikaari’s concept which was pioneered by our Mahaswamy could play a big part in these trust activities.

    Already Tamilnadu’s village population now see the loss they have brought upon themselves by not supporting vedic dharma.

    1) Previously, where a vedic brahman in a village was able to resolve disputes and the villages were peacful, now with no brahmins, the villages are having more problems and less policestations to resolve these problems.
    2) Already we have discussed enough on the problems got by not supporting native cows of India.
    3) With no educational institutions like ‘thinnai palli koodams’, traditional pada salai and the likes which were run by traditional mutt and brahmans vanishing, there is a huge problem of education that’s Tamilnadu is facing today with shortage of schools, able teachers, etc.,
    4) With the dissapearence of brahmins from villages, these villagers are either being converted by desert religions or worse – follow cult or new religious groups who target these ignorant villagers.

    Mahaswamy, who was a thrikaala gyaani had thought of all these problems and gave the following 2 important solutions to all these problems:
    1) Veda Rakshanam
    2) Gho Rakshanam
    Mahaswamy started all these activities through out Tamilnadu and created awareness with events like Thiruppavai – Thiruvempavai utsavams in temples.

    Already Veda Rakshanam is being done with all zeal by our Mutt and this is only because of our prathama Acharyaas and Mahaswamy’s thapas and nothing else. Gho samrakshana is also done, but the threat now to Native cows will need more attention and that needs our support to our Mutt with our Acharya’s blessing.

    Since we are not supporting our acharyas and mutts, new religious groups like some groups around coimbatore velliangiri, who hold mass yoga classes and other ‘anandas’ and ‘blessings’ groups and comign to these vaccum and driving the mass into dangerous paths. If we are not taking action and getting under our Acharyas now, then our future generations will surely be mislead by these new religious (cult) groups.

    This is a golden opportunity to seek pardon from our Acharya, whom we all deserted during the most distressful of times to Sanatana dharma. Sri Periyavaa is a karuna moorthy and will readily pardon our ignorance and will surely support the above activities which we can do with their blessings only. We could also get help from Sri Ramachandrapur mutt, hosanagar in understanding how to do these activities in the most economic way possible. I sincerely pray to Sri Periyavaa’s holy feet that he blesses all these activities and usher that the Vedic religion survives in Tamilnadu. our Sri Periyava is pratyaksha Shankara, who is the embodiment of karunai, who served for the common man, he stepped into the slums to save the sanatana religion and suffered silently for the ills committed on him by all of us. He sacrificed his entire life in Sanyasa for the sole purpose of empowering Sanatana Dharma and Vedas, and it is a sin even to think ill of such a great soul. Even when he was asked did he ever feel sad on the turmoils of last decade, he said ‘yes’ – ‘When the tsunami struck, I was unable to help the poor and the downtroden’. Its only because of such great souls that even monsoon comes to India.

    Seeking the grace of Sri Periyavaa and Sri Mahaswamy,

    Thanks and regards,
    P. Vijay

  2. the said form for registering for the event seems to be missing pls. thank you!

    Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 14:15:24 +0000 To: arunchal@hotmail.com

  3. some of the photographs are touching!

  4. excellent.


  6. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !!!

    It’s indeed a blessing for all of us that HH Sri Sri Sri Periyava’s been gracing us for 60 years and we are extremely fortunate to live during his time.

    May HH live much much longer to save this world and help us get Mukthi and show us the right path.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !!!

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