“To which Periyaval?!”

Periyava was camping in Pandharpur by the banks of Chandrabagga river. A group of devotees had come from Bombay.

One gentleman offered his pranams to Him. Periyava asked him,

“What do you do?”

“I teach music”, he replied.

“To whom?”, asked the Sage.

“To periyaval (he meant to grown ups, older people)”, he answered.

Periyava asks him with a mischeivous smile:

“To which Periyaval, Me or Pudhu Periyava?”



Translated by me from Smt Padma Subramanyan’s speech about Him.

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  1.     Hari Om, What a great sense of humour.  Periavaa is Periavaa.  sadhujag         Vazhga Valamudan_______May you be blessed with all prosperity, happiness, good health and the best of everything, today and all days to follow.  

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