Sign petition to stop the opening of two abattoirs (slaughter houses) in Coimbatore!

Dear all, please take a minute and sign this petition here at:

Swamigal will be very proud of you all.

Thank you very much.

Thanks a ton to Shri Chandru Raman for running this by me.

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  1. Cow is the universal mother,She should be protected..Once good people united,nothing is impossible..Every thing is possible. Good Whirlwind leader is a must.

  2. @ Kahanam ji, thanks – point noted.. please check the “safeness” of paracetamol here,
    you can argue that ‘alavukku minjinaal amudhamum nanju’ – I agree, but in contrast, Ayurvedic medicines, even if taken in excess, it will just flow out of the system in the excretion, unlike the ‘side effects’ of allopathy.
    There was recently a big controversy over the allopathic medicine over the untold side effects of each medicine suggested in this system.
    Vanagam foundation, started by Organic Agriculturist Late Sri Nammalwar, ran a whole series of articles on the poisoning nature of Allopathic medicines. Most of the medicines right from antacid tablets to vicks action 500 are having banned chemicals. Its only in India, its allowed freely as “Safe” over the counter medicine. If you have ever been abroad, you will not be allowed these medicines without prescriptions @ the immigration counter. They are all prescription medicines abroad. For instance, I was in London for 4 years and the NHS each time I visited will always educate me about the side effects of each of the english medicine when they prescribe them.. I was so alarmed at the side effects, I just refused to take them and instead had some basil & other swiss herbs peppermint and got well.
    Only in India, we are all not told the actual side effects of each medicine and if the allopathic practitioners start educating the side effects, then there will not be single patient at their side.
    Its all hidden truth in India. On the other hand Ayurvedic medicines take a wholistic approach and take into consideration the patient and not the disease. Its like how Thiruvalluvar puts it – “Noi Naadi Noi Mudhal Naadi – Athu thanikkum. Vaai Naadi Vayppa Seyal.” “Test disease, its causes and cure and apply remedy that is sure” –
    India is a open playground, corrupt politicians allow anything in medicine to their own fellow citizens, media advertises as “safe” medicines – you know there is a big movement against Vaccne headed by Shiva Chopra in canada – try searching Shiva Chopra, ” corrupt to the core ” – you will know the seriousness of the issue.

    All the best and Praying for Mahaswamy’s grace,

    Thanks and regards,

    P. Vijay

  3. I have signed the petition. I agree that cow’s milk should not be banned from our diet. It is highly nutritious, especialla Naattup pasum Paal! Leather substitutes can ce used for shoes, chappals, belts, wallets etc. By the way, Paracetamol is not banned. It still remains as a safe analgesic and antipyretic(pain and fever reliever)! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Sri Dr.S. Chinny Krishna,

    Sri Sri HH Maha Periyavaa in Deivathin Kural speaks highly of Cow milk and its consumption. Recommend you to read those chapters.

  5. Dear Shri Dr.S.Chinny Krishna,

    I beg to differ with you sir, Indians have been using cow’s milk from time immemorial. Its supposed to be an elixer when taken after the calf has been sufficiently fed.
    Ayurveda asks to use the milk from native cows for curative purpose.

    Cows eat carbon, take nitrogen and oxygen from air, give back calcium in milk, nitrates in dung, minerals in urine. These are essential for keeping oneself healthy – they are the best natural alternative to being dependent on tablets from western medicine. There is not a machine in world that has done this ‘period table transition of elements’ so quickly in the world that man has developed.

    Veganism involves not using animals for even agriculture too. This is not so in case of scriptures. Bullocks are used for tilling in agriculture, for running the oil mills ( oil press machines – not the crude oil 🙂 ), as transport, for milk for daily yogut, butter milk, milk, ghee and butter production, for their dung and urine for production of panchagavya and many other ingredients.

    Veganism is a western philosophy which depends heavily on running on harmful carbon based fuels for achieving transport, tilling soil, running oil mills and depending on medicinal supplements from chemical based corporate medicines. This damages the environment with carbon foot print and also damages the fragile relationship that’s been developed between the domesticated animals for several thousands of years. What ever the western world has given in philosophy and methodology is totally alien and absurd to the world. Think of it, they said Paracetamol is a cure for headache and sold the medicine – then suddenly after 50 years, it was found to develop heart ailments and cancer and it was withdrawn – same is the case with vicks, pizza, burger, soft drinks, chocolates, remember the famous toothpaste advertisement some 30 years back – they said the tooth powder we Indians use had salt and that damages the tooth and they got the finely grained branded tooth paste – now after 30 years – you see the same company markets its toothpaste with salt in it – it advertises it openly that it has salt in it for better action on teeth – same is the case with shampoos and hairdyes – while the former advertisement from same company states the action is till the root – the later is only to the upper layer it says – how cheap they are cheating us??? – They still fool us with adverts showing a guy with a white coat and stetescope and what ever he ‘approves’ is approved by Indian Dental Association – where the guy is an actor and not a real doctor and worse there is no ‘Indian Dental Association’ too.. Same is the case with Veganism – its just the craze of the time.. like with any of these tamil songs nowadays from Aniruddh – good for humming – but dissappears as quickly as it came.

    FYI – Sri Krishna himself grew up in the house of people who milked cows, used cow’s milk for producing milk, yogut, buttermilk, butter and ghee. ‘

    Blue cross is doing a great service no wonder, but Sanatana Dharma had been doing the same thing that you are doing for thousands of years before without a centrally controlled ‘cross’ organization. Rather it depends on individual’s love and respect for the fellow creatures and getting help from them without harming them. That’s the reason, in India, except Cheatah, there was no extinction of species till today.

    Thanks and regards,

    P. Vijay

  6. My dear friends,

    All of us who drink milk are responsible for cattle that are killed when their “productive days” are over. For those of us who wear leather, all I can ask is: “If you do not eat her flesh, how come you wear her skin?”
    Every leather user subsidises the cost of the meat or beef that she or he may not eat, but others do.

    Go vegan – it is better for your health; it is better for the environment and it is certainly better for the animals.

    Dr. S. Chinny Krishna
    Chairman Emeritus
    Blue Cross of India

  7. Signed. Only 56 more needed. Please sign it, if not done already.

  8. Dear Shri Sureshji, thank you for sharing this very important petition.
    In Srimadh Bhagavatham, kali is supposed to be destroying Gho matha who is the very embodiment of mother earth and dharma. That is what we see here.
    India’s freedom struggle was invariable tied with protection of Gho matha. I think time has come for a second Freedom struggle – one again for Gho Samrakshana – I think these kinds of petitions will give a good support. My few cents on this issue.
    1) The slaughter houses run their business by paying something like say Rs.8500 – Rs.10,000 per native cow to poor farmers.
    2) If there could be established even one gho shala and positive petitions for saving cows are spread and more voluteers gathered, we could pay those poor farmers something like Rs.12,000 – Rs.14,000 and get a cow – there by they would be inclined to sell to Gho shalas for more money than slaughter houses.
    3) Once this process is in place, the slaughter house business will be dull and verily they will think of closing down their business and moving away to other activities.

    “Solluvadhu yellarkkum elidhaam arithaam solliya vannam seyal” – it is easier said than done. The slaughter house business is run by mafia and there have been news that with the hand twisting from some political person – these businesses threaten and drive away or steal the cows from gho shalaas over night.

    Even in recent Olakkudi cows case, there was a local politican who took money from the slaughter house people and tried his most to send the cows to slaughter house. But Mahaswamy’s karunai protected the cows at the right time with right people like Shri Bala and Shri Karthikeyan.

    Even shrimathi Sadhana Rao, a very sincere Mahaperiyavaa devotee, who runs a similar Ghoshala in Neelangarai to save cows is facing several threats from theives who threaten her with her life for taking away the cows that she saves at the Chennai Andhra border. She is so afraid to that she wants to transfer the cows to other gho shalas in the cover of night, lest the mafias should create any problem.

    Hence, praying Mahaswamy, there should be sustained efforts in this direction, and we must also enlist the support from other Hindu fronts like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Munnani, ISKCON people, Vivekanda Kendra people, RK Mission people, and Gosevakas to garner more support to face these mafias. Lets pray that the govt. also takes care in helping these gho shalas and providing protection from these mafias.

    Lastly, I feel that we ourselves are culprits in these kinds of evils developing in the society. Today’s real estate boom has made the pasture land totally not available for the cattle. Man’s greed knows no bound today, NRIs and even locals are now bent on getting 3+ houses for themselves not even thinking of the ecological disaster this will create. Mandavelis or Pasture lands, agricultural lands are now getting turned to real estate plots. NRIs should first lead this change as they only started this problem, the locals will follow them, what I feel that they need to do on a war footing:

    1) They should buy more land and provide them as pasture land for gho shalas.
    2) This land should have a small hillock and have sufficient vegetation for the cows to graze.
    3) close to 30 acres is good for having a gho shala with 200 – 250 cows.
    4) get some devoted gho sevakas to help in getting native breed cows – whose maintenance is low.
    5) The hillock will provide enough vegetation as well as help in rejuvinating the ground water.
    6) large tracts of land could still be got at reasonable price at remote places in Tamilnadu for this purpose.
    7) This will generate employment too for the locals there, hence they will also be more willing to help.
    8) with NRIs driving the change, the locals will also follow on this revenue model from gho shalas.

    These kinds of farms require some 4 – 5 cow heard people who could be unskilled labours.
    The investment is also lesser and the cows will multiply quite fast and new cows will be born after some 2 years itself.
    ROI will be great with all the products from native cows ( which I have mentioned in an earlier comment in the olakkudi cow’s current status).
    Provide employment to those who are displaced from the slaughter house business.

    This way, they can even mitigate their papa for leaving India or not praying their ancestors rightly – for Dharma shastras say, providing pasture land, giving grass to cows, providing water to cows, even planting a stone for the cows to scratch their backs will rid the sin or crossing sea or not performing shraddha to their ancestors. ( remember this is just a remedy for things done unknowingly and as a repentance. Its not a ready made excuse for not doing shraddha with full knowledge ).

    In this way, both we are saving Gho matha as well as bringing a change of heart and helping the guys working in slaughter house to turn to gho samrakshana and getting rid of their papam also. The slaughter house employee will also not complain of loss of job.

    Seeking the grace of Mahaswamy in making the Gho Samrakshana a great sucees.

    Thanks and regards,

    Vijay Parthasarathy

    • Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

      Sri Vijay,

      Very well said. Do you know of anyone that’s doing this already? How do NRI’s start something like this. The biggest issue is whom to trust and give this job. If we can find trust worthy people, I’m sure there will be enough NRI’s to save the cows in our punya bhoomi Bharatha Desam.

      • Dear Sri Balaji ji –
        with Mahaswamy’s grace, I could think of following possibilities:
        1) We could get in touch with our Mutt Acharyas and request them to start this initiative and extend our support to them.
        ( ** Shri Shri Bala Periyava Pujyashri Shankaracharya Swamiji of Kamakoti mutt – recently visited Shri Govindan Goshala ( ) and went through the sylvan 65 acres all by foot and blessed the gho shala – at that time, Swamiji listened to the organic agriculture and the economic prospect of having a gho shala allied with organic agriculture. After this, Swamiji informed his vision to gift land and cows to Vidhyaarthees of sankara mutt veda patashalaas and train them on the art of maintaining gho shalas, their economics and providing them with understanding of organic agriculture – so that they will be benefitted when they leave the Veda pata shala – You could seek Swamiji’s blessing and request swamiji to share info and how you could be at his service).
        2) We could get ourselves to help out Sri Ramachandrapur mutt, Hosanagar – This sankara mutt runs similar cow protection programs in Karnataka. (
        3) We could help already established gho shalaas in getting more pasture lands, cows that are sold to slaughter house, sick cows, etc.,
        4) We could all use forums like our sage of kanchi forum and other forums to get to-gether and brainstorm the situation and discuss the various possibilities and come to a consensus on who will bell the cat.
        5) We could help monetarily and extend moral support to gho sevakas like Shrimathi Sadhana Rao, Sri Bala, Sri Karthikeyan, etc., on their good work and do our bit.
        6) Finally, we could ourselves take the permission of our Acharyas and enter vanaprastashrama and do the above bit for buying land, buying cows, setting up the organic farming institution, etc.,
        There are many esteemed Mahaswamy Devotees if you can see in the video section, like Advocate Shri Venkata Subramanian, who undertook with Mahaswamy’s grace, many projects like,
        a) Free Apara karyam place.
        b) Sahasra Bhojanam
        c) Veda Pata shala
        d) Plans to create 100 agnihotris from the veda pata shala and has bought a land close to Cauvery for this. You could also reach out to him to see if you can support in sponsoring cow / cows for the nitya-agnihotris as their agnihotra pashu – whose milk and ghee they will use daily and as per Garuda purana, you will also get a portion of the punyam.
        You could buy and donate to Siragumani patashala ( Late Shri Parasuramachar’s Rig Veda Patashala ).
        I could think of countless ways in which we could help the cause of Gho mata – only the spirit of service is important.
        As Avvaiyaar puts it ‘Aram Seiyya Virumbu’ – ‘Like to do Dharma’ – the very act of ‘Liking’ or ‘Believing’ will itself get the blessing of divine personalities like Shri Mahaswamy, who will themselves bless you with the right contacts.

        Seeking Mahaswamy’s grace.

        Thanks and regards,

        P. Vijay

  9. I fully support very idea of closing and not even thinking of the ‘slaughter house.Remember ‘ ‘Ahimsa Paramodharma’.If everybody support this God will protect all of us.May Lord “Gomata ‘ remain for ever
    as a protector of our life ,
    Rama Madyastha.
    March 10th 2014.

  10. Congrats to each one fr the efforts put in.

    May Gomatha show us the way to protect her progeny.

    • I entirely and wholeheartedly support the effort to stop opening of abettoirs or slaughter houses. All animals are also God’s creation with their atmas and have equal right to live peacefully. For us Gomata is special as she represents goddess Lakshmi. There should be a vigorous drive to open Goshalas.
      This effort must be widely publicised and supported.

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