“He is our Allah!”

The train reached Pandharpur. As we alighted, we were on the lookout of how to find our way to meet Swamigal who was staying in a small matam on the other side of the Chandrabagga river. No taxis or anything those days. Only horse carriages. My eyes fell on a Tongawallah.

“Do you know where Shankaracharya Swami is staying?”, we asked him.

He replied, “Kanchi Periyava? Of course I know! I will take you there. He is our Allah!”


We reached the place where He was staying. The tongawallah refused to charge us for the ride! He took us to where He was seated and excitedly went and sat near Him, like a child will go to its Mother. Like it was his birthright! Swamigal also did not say anything!

And introduced us to Swamigal! :)))

“From the time He came here, our families are blessed. We have given up bad habits like drinking etc!”, said the Muslim Tongawallah.

The Tongawallah recounted an incident which he had seen with his own eyes.

The river Chandrabagga was in spate and in fast floods and was running dangerously near the brink.

Swamigal got up and went to the banks of the river for His Snanam despite the entreaties of others not to, given the raging waters.

He placed His Dhandam at a spot in the river. And miraculously, the water did not come near the Dhandam at all and started to recede from that point on! And I also took bath!

“I was witness to it!”, exclaimed the simple, devout Muslim!


My translation of a part of Smt Padma Subramanyam’s talk on Him.

In the above picture, Swamigal is seen taking snanam in the Chandrabagga.

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  1. OM OM OM Gurur Brahma,Gurur Vishnu,Gurur Devo Maheswara: Gurur Sakshath,ParaBrahma,Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha:

  2. every time we read,about his HOLINESS we are biessed and he is b4 us GURUNATHA

  3. om namashivaya.

  4. Gurubhyo namaha

  5. The panchang in this page is based on eastern time or central time?

  6. another incident to proclaim the one-ness; the spelling is `chandrabHaga’

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