“Bring Her to Me!”

Bangaru Kamakshi

Periyava was camping at Sholapur during His 60th Jayanthi. As a part of His Jayanthi celebrations there was a plan to honour Veda Vidwans with a gold coin each from His Hands.

I was a volunteer that time and accompanied the 60 Veda Vidwans by train to Sholapur for His Darshan.

The Mill people in Sholapur had given place for Periava to stay there. When we reached Sholapur we saw that He was seated beneath a tree in that village.

Each of the Veda Vidwans prostrated to Him and they were blessed with a gold coin. A priest from Bangaru Amman temple in Thanjavur had also come to Sholapur with Goddess’ prasadams.

On seeing the priest it occured to Swamigal that he also should be given a gold coin. But alas, the priest’s name was not there in the list!

Then a lady appeared there and told His Kainkaryam person,

“Please hand over this gold coin from my Thali chain to Swamigal!”

The coin she gave was submitted to Swamigal. Surprised, He asked the kainkaryam person to bring her to Him.

But She was no where to be found! And the coin was duly handed over to the temple priest!

Bangaru Amman (The Amman made of Gold) Herself had come to give Her priest a gold coin!


Shankara. Stirring.

Source: I had translated this portion of the tamil interview of His devotee Shri Varagur Krishnamurthy.

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  1. Very nice Dharshan of Bangaru Kamakshi Amman! Great incident! Ambal is Blessing Her Devotees! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. Wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing. We should pass on our tradiational values to next generation.

  3. I felt happy seeing bangaru kamatchis photo. My mamiyars ishta deivam. She gave me a similar photo

  4. such miracles are not seen now a days…………………… Periyava Sharanam

  5. Pl translate – in Tamil, much better to me understand

  6. It would have definitely been possible that the gold coin in the Goddess’ chain at the Thanjavur temple might have been missing at that moment.
    I wonder whether any cpot check was made then on oin the retuyrn of the pries.

  7. i remember to have been there at that time!!! but i dont know how i have been missing so great persons and persons like panchanatham suresh. i wish i see him sometime and mahesh should help me. i remember a.r. rajagopalan of air india who used to be a regular visitor to periava. it was during his entire trip of karnataka and uptoi satara and then pandharpur that most of these pandits and orthodox people used to come to our house to know where periava is and then proceed. i remember six veda vidwans coming to our house probably at Hubli or somewhere there, in the morning, did not allow my wife to cook but cooked food for themselves only with the help of my wife in madi and in the evening chanted vedaparayanam in that railway house (bungalow if you want to call!). lo, i was away on tour(how unlucky or little lucky i was)and my wife and son swaminathan were so thrilled that rang me up and kept the phone on the cradle for about half an hour for me to listen!!!! oh, those periods, periavas laugh, company…..i am crying. n.ramaswami

  8. Nice , these happend , now too happening such glorious events like this

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